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{inspired} Portland Flea

Happy Monday friends! I'm always so jealous when I read about other bloggers visiting the Rose Bowl flea market. It just seems like there is so much to see and so many amazing deals to be had. On that note, I was incredibly excited to hear that a flea marketing was - finally! - being organized in Portland. That was more than a year ago, and Chris and I finally went yesterday. Now, what the heck took us so long? The Portland Flea is only once a month, 6-7 months a year and literally every other Sunday it's been going on we've been out of town or already booked.

Friends, we were missing out on all the goodness! Sadly, we went home empty handed. Our house is so chaotic right now, that I couldn't even begin to think about what we needed/wanted and where we'd put it. But, regardless, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my favorite finds. (And now that I'm looking at that photo above, I wish I'd taken a better look at those bags -- there are some cute ones in there!)

Aren't these chairs awesome? And according to my chair tester -- super comfy as well :).

If I regret not buying anything, it's this set up glasses and a pitcher. I just love the sweet, vintage floral design.

I long for the space to fit a beautiful mid-century dresser/console. I drool every time I run across one.

Does your city have a flea market? If not, what's your favorite way to get your vintage fix? :)