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{inspired} a graphical kitchen brain dump

Tell me if you can relate to this friends. You're updating or remodeling your home. You have a gazillion ideas - yes, that's a lot - and you're trying to communicate those ideas to your spouse/partner/roommate. And, somehow they just don't get it! 

I thought I'd show you the craziness that is my original brain dump for our upcoming kitchen remodel. I had a gazillion ideas and couldn't decide on anything. I had them all pinned, but flipping back and forth between pins was getting annoying. Meanwhile, Chris was visibly having trouble keeping all my ideas straight and had ideas of his own.

So I put all our ideas + sources + prices together in one big brain dump - graphic brain dump, if you will - and came up with this:
It worked like a charm! When we had everything in one place it made it SO EASY to decide what we like, what we didn't like, and what worked together to create the look we're going for in our kitchen.

We're looking at lights now, so I starting adding my favorite lighting to the mix as well.

We have a couple more ideas to pull together before I create the mood board we'll actually work off. But, I thought you guys might be interested in the process. It was a tiny bit time consuming to create this chart, of sorts, but worth it in the end because it actually helped us to communicate much more efficiently and make decisions quicker. I'm always willing to spend a little more time for that kind of result! :)

I have sources and prices listed here, but if you'd like actual links you can find all of these on my Pinterest pages.