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This is the story of Chris and Jenn. And the story of our house. I'm getting married in October. To Chris. Chris owns an adorable 1928 bungalow in Portland. When I say I adorable, please read: has potential but needs so much work. Basically, we have a home in the making. This house is exactly what I've always wanted in a house (I'll post pictures soon!). It was love at first sight, and Chris and I are so excited to turn it into a home. I haven't seen pictures of when Chris first moved in, but I've heard horror stories. Dirty, nasty carpet, the starkest of stark white paint, years of dirt, holes in the walls, etc. He’s transformed the place. Chris pulled up 90% of the carpet and refinished the hardwoods underneath, he painted the kitchens and the bathrooms, he re-roofed and he painted the exterior (in a completely amazing shade of yellow). I’m marrying quite a handy guy! Well, we aren’t getting married until October, but the work has already begun! We’re using this blog to share our progress, what we’ve learned, and hopefully tips and tricks for budget remodels. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. I absolutely love what you have done with your little piece of heaven! It looks so great. I think you missed your calling as an interior designer, I can't wait to see the progress through the summer!!

    the neighbor over the fence


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