I have a new camera. this is good news, and I'm sharing because since the last time I posted I lost two -- TWO -- cameras. Yikes. We've done a lot to the house. W lot. I'm so ansy to share pics! I've officially moved in. Chris and I married in October. Then I tried to unpack. I'm still unpacking. We painted the living room and the hallway. They're both a lovely light blue. Sometimes they look grey. I LOVE the color. Everything looks so clean and fresh. I'm always amazed at how a coat of paint will transform a room. We've arranged the furniture in the living room and have the most beautiful christmas tree now! Unexpectedly, our oven broke. in the middle of making bread. Sad. In looking for a new oven though, we decided to replace the fridge(s) that leaked with one that actually works. So now we have beautiful new updated appliances. So pics of all the fun changes -- including our fun christmas decor -- coming soon!

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