the case for painting the fireplace. part I.

Let me begin by saying I LOVE fireplaces. I'll just get that out there from the start. But we have a hideous fireplace. It's dingy pale brown. It doesn't add anything to the room. It's just blah. The problem here is Chris hates the thought of painting brick and has firmly put his foot down. So out of the blue the other night he brings up the fireplace. Chris: Do you really want to paint the fireplace? My brain: omg. yes! yes! yes! Me: Yep. Chris: What color would you paint it? My brain: play it cool. don't make him think you want it toooo much. let it be his idea. Me: The same cream that's on the ceiling and all the trim. Chris: Hmmm. That might look nice. My brain: he's CAVING! Chris: But, doesn't your mom agree with me about not painting it? My brain: ha. my mom has taste. Me: Nope. She told me it's one of the ugliest parts of the house, actually. Chris: Hmmmm. And, he goes back to reading a magazine. Yep, that was the end of the conversation. But, it was a huge conversation because HE BROUGHT IT UP. So, now it's my goal to keep subtly (hahaha) nudging. Partly through negotiation and partly through proof. Stay tuned for beautiful painted fireplaces.

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  1. hahaha. Love when they bring up this stuff on their own. John and I had a similar conversation a couple days ago only relating to a different topic ;-)


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