inspired gardens

I love *romantic* gardens. Gardens that burst with flowers, leaves, greens and energy. Gardens you feel swallowed up by and that you can get lost in. They feel so cottage-y. This is a little surprising, even for me, because in every other aspect of my life I am very linear. So is Chris. We'll see if we can actually pull of a non-linear yard! Below is our backyard. Not so romantic or inspiring.. Actually not so much of anything! The veggie beds are in the back. The dirt patch in the middle of the yard is our makeshift fire pit. Some would call this *ghetto.* We call it *inventive.* These are yards/gardens I am loving: I love the mix of grass, plants and patio. Grass, at least a little, is a must. Veggie garden aspirations. Love water. photos from House Beautiful and Sunset

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  1. Ooo, I love the third one. The one that looks like it just goes off into the hills. Absolutely gorgeous!!!


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