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I have yet to share with you our big summer project. It's huge.
It has turned my backyard into this:

I has turned my lovely-to-eat-in-during-the-hot-summer-ah-hem-porch into this:

We are rebuilding our garage. Um, maybe I can't say we. Chris, with the help of his Dad and his good contractor friend, are rebuilding our garage. And these guys need to eat, right?! So yes, I've played an important role.

We don't think the garage is original to the house. It's a two car garage, which was very rare in 1928. The sun room was clearly added later, and we think the garage was added at the same time.

It definitely hadn't held up as well as the house. The roof required a perma-tarp to keep the rain out and when the wind blew we were worried it would fall over. Here's before, earlier this summer, when I still had a yard:

So Chris gathered up help and set about fixing the garage. He never wanted to tear the entire structure down. Rebuilding required permits galore. So they started reinforcing the structure and tearing out dry rot.

They look like they know what they're doing, right? RIGHT?

And, it is looking better already. The building is secure and water tight. Yah!

So, before the rain sets in, they simply need to install a garage door, roof, shingle and paint. No problem, right?

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