cozy-ing up

Yesterday I had to go here:

And even at this time of year, it had lots of snow. And it was cold. Really cold. The snow was coming down horizontally. And I was wearing heals. Um, fun.

But inside, there was this:

The fire was roaring. And it was warm and oh-so-cozy. In my dreams I was curled up on that couch with a book, sipping hot cocoa and whiling-away the hours. In reality I gave a presentation to a large group of people. Not quite as nice, I'd say.

But it got me dreaming about rustic lodges and how much inviting they are in the winter-time.

I would love to have dinner in front of a roaring fire on a cold evening.


This would be fabulous for those in between months, when it's cold outside, but not so freezing-you-can't-stand-it cold.

And oh goodness. I would never leave my bedroom.

Good book here I come.

*images via jesse.millan, cepalm, house beautiful, and country living*

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  1. Lovely. I'm hoping it gets cold enough here at least a few times so we can have a fire. Because it would be so awesome.


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