{renovate} our bedroom

I'm so excited to finally have our bedroom in a place that I can share with all you!

Before I moved into the house, Chris had a roommate that painted our *master* bedroom (otherwise known as the biggest bedroom) red. And I don't mean trendy-accent-wall red. All four walls were fire engine red. It gave me a headache just walking into the room. So, before I even moved in, we painted this room a lovely pale sage green. We had no idea what was going in the room, what our duvet would look like, nothing. But I knew after the red this room needed some reprieve.

But then, I fell in love with an orange duvet cover. Sadly, the orange duvet and the green walls were not friends. I couldn't walk into the room without thinking of pumpkins and that isn't really the mental image I want to have walking into my bedroom!

So a couple weeks ago, we painted. And friends, it is amazing the difference a coat of paint makes. We went with a really deep grey that is so cozy and enveloping -- just the way a bedroom should be.

See in the background? The paper cut I was loving months ago from Tina Tarnoff. And, I love our *love* pillow. From Nuka's amazing line of pillows.

The shadow box holds a collection of our wedding memories -- day of stuff that we love: invite, menu, etc.

A small collection of our wedding photos. I love them and love seeing them on display!

Last, we transformed a small little nook into a little reading area to help the room multi-task a bit.

Completely loving this room right now. :)


  1. Oh my, that's just gorgeous. Totally magazine worthy. Hope I can get our bedroom to look half as nice.

  2. OMG THANKS! That was the best.compliment.ever.


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