{renovate} landscaping: curb appeal

We're making some big changes to our house's curb appeal.

Of course, our potted flowers are back. A little burst of color is very spring-y and welcoming.

But, we've also been doing a little of this:

We're landscaping our front yard! Last weekend, we rented a sod cutter, tore up a lot of our grass, and sculpted it for plants.

As a reminder, here is how our house looked when I moved in nearly two years ago:

And here it is after nine-hours of crazy hard work:

Confession: I'm a little nervous. I've never landscaped anything and I'm worried it'll look ... weird. But I am excited to get plants planted in the next couple weeks and I'll make sure you're all along for the ride. Hopefully I'll pass along some tips I'm learning to help your landscaping adventures.

I wish you could actually see all the dirt covering these laborer's tired, but happy, faces. It was messy friends.


  1. Yay for landscaping! Something we need to do but not before I conquer that damn kitchen! PS Chris looks like a dork in that hat.

  2. Oh, I know. That is me, picking my battles ;)


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