{create} back porch mood board

I found a new {virtual} toy. And, oh, the fun I'll have with it, I'm sure. It's called Olio Board, and it let's you create mood boards from thousands of products linked to their site. Like I said, so fun. And daaannngerous, in a time wasting sort of way.

Today, I created a mood board for our back porch. Can you tell it's on my mind? I've gathered tons of inspiration and I want to start painting. Now. Oregon picked a great year to have it's wettest, coldest spring yet. 

Here's the board I put together for my porch:

I know this is the point, but it really helped me pull my thoughts together. Lots of white, yellow, texture, plants and most of all an inviting comfy space.

Have fun! I'd love to hear {and see!} if you create something. And, if you'd like to find me on Olio Board, I'm ahomeinthemaking.

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  1. Spring? Isn't it summer now?

    Love that armchair! I could curl up in it with a book and some tea.


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