{renovate} back porch peek

I've been talking about our back screened-porch all summer. This wonderful, quirky addition to our home that is in desperate need of a makeover. I've posted inspiration and even created a mood board for the space. Unfortunately before I could work on designing the space, some major work was in order. After a partial wall was completed (see below) we needed to paint. The existing wood walls were finished in a crazy dark varnish of sorts. I don't know how else to describe the look and texture.

But paint is what I couldn't bring myself to do. All. Summer. Long. I actually don't mind painting. I've painted almost all the other walls in our house -- the majority by myself. But the thought of painting this space had me wracking my brain for any other projects I could work on instead. Maybe it was that the vast majority of the space, including the ceiling, would need to be hand painted. That's right friends, with a brush. You can really see the texture of the wood in the below picture. The vertical lines in the wood are on all three walls and can't be rolled. Awesome. 

Last weekend, I told myself that it really wouldn't be as bad as I'd been imagining. I'd just built it all up in my head. Oh and Chris agreed to help. I think he was tired of hearing my lame excuses :). You guys, it was actually worse than I expected! It took two of us three days, two coats of oil primer and two coats of paint, but I'm happy to report that we are loving it so far.

Here's a little peek. It's so light and bright. Which is exactly what a screened porch should be, right? And with that giant task of my to-do list, I know the rest of the room will come together so much quicker.

So, tell me. What projects do you all just dread doing?


  1. Stripping cabinets. Hate hate HATE.

  2. Ugh, been there! Totally understand!

  3. Hi Jenn! I'm a new to the blogging world gal, and in my web travels tonight I stumbled upon "a home in the making" and I'm literally jumping for joy to find so many like-minded ladies like yourself, out there, turning their spaces into a place to call home :) It's inspiring, and it gives me the feeling of "ahhh, these are my people". :)

    I haven't made my way though all of the site yet, but as far as this post goes, I'm with ya! There is a bedroom in my house that is in need of a good slap of white paint, and although I very much look forward to the finished project, finding the time to get it done has been the stressful part. I think your porch is going to be beautiful; moving into the winter months in Canada has me craving a bit of light and bright myself!

    Good luck, and I'll be sure to check in for the grand reveal!


  4. Oh, to have a screened porch . . .

    Sidenote: Our mosquitos are pure devil spawn this year. We can't enjoy outside without coating ourselves in chemicals.

    Anyway, congrats on tackling that task! It doesn't sound like fun but at least it's over now...

    I have to mention that I kind of like the boards in the first picture, in a rustic sort of way. I was thinking they could make a cool coffee table.


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