{inspired} quilts

I quilt. Did I ever tell you guys that? While I say it in the present tense, it has, in fact, been a couple years since I made a quilt. House projects seem to be taking priority over hobbies at this point. Or maybe house projects have become a hobby? Whichever. 

The beginning of fall always puts my in the mood to quilt. And curl up in a quilt. So on that note, I thought I'd share some of my favorite quilts I've run across lately. They're both quilts I would love to own and inspiration for quilts I would love to make.

Love the simplicity of this quilts design. And, wish I was a good enough quilter to get that kind of quilting detail. You need special machines for that friends!

This quilt is so sweet. I love the different size squares and I could definitely curl up here for an afternoon.

Love. This. Quilt. Everything about it .... the chevron pattern, the colors, the fabrics.

Just beautiful. Really love this pattern. This is a quilt I would make in a heartbeat.

LOVE the colors of this quit. I especially love that they're all solids .... it's very modern and still so cozy.

Have you ever made a quilt? Which one of these beauties is your favorite??
Have a great Wednesday friends! 


  1. Love the chevron one! And I love that quilts are being modernized. How cool are ALL these quilts that you posted!

  2. You are so talented! I love that second to last one as well with the reds, pinks, and corals. My Mom has a quilt that she saved from my grandmother's house and it's a crazy quilt - have you seen those? It's really neat.

  3. Fun round up! I have always had a thing for quilts, but would rather not see a predictable one in my own home, these are fresh and modern, which one are you going to try?


  4. Every time I see a chevron pattern, I think of you.

  5. I love the first and last ones - maybe because they're solids, and I tend to take the minimalist route when available. What a great hobby!

  6. If someone wanted to learn to quilt, how would one go about that? I love quilts, but I'm kind of afraid of my sewing machine.

  7. Hi casacaudill!

    My recommendation is to find a class in your town. That's how I learned, and it was so immensely helpful. I've also seen a lot of *open sews* popping up where you can go to a class room, there's an instructor, but you're making whatever you want and they help you if you need it. It's amazing how a couple of lessons will boost your confidence.

    I hope that helps! :)

  8. I 'made' a quilt in high school, by which I mean my mother helped me pick out fabric, I started to cut the piece, got distracted and let her finish the rest. I think I actually only quilted one square. Sad, I know. I do have plans to make one if I ever have time this winter though! No mom around to take over if it flops this time!

  9. I LOVE the second one. I have the fourth one pinned too. :)
    Saw you mentioned at Restored Style today, so thought I'd pop over and poke around.....

  10. I'm still working on sewing a straight line, but I can dream! These are all so gorgeous! There's something so special and cozy about a handmade quilt.

  11. Oh I love these. I have this idea that I'm going to make a cool quilt like this someday, but haven't done it yet. Need to work on my skills. Thanks for sharing these. I especially love the last one, reminds me of all the beautiful Scandinavian flags. Ahhh.

  12. I really like those, especially that last one!!


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