{create} double-chocolate brownies

Let's talk about brownies. Chocolate-y, gooey brownies. Do you fall in the fudgy brownie camp? Or, the cake-y brownie camp? I fall squarely into the fudgy brownie camp. And for the record, I don't like cake. So friends, the recipe I'm sharing with you? If you fall anywhere near fudgy, you're gonna want to make it this weekend. 

If you've delved into our archives at all, you know that we're a gluten-free home. Chris has some pretty crazy food intolerances, so I'm always on the lookout for awesome recipes that will make him feel not as bad about the situation. And here's how I judge if a recipe is AWESOME: I serve it to our friends. Not only do I make this recipe all. the. time, but it's requested by our really picky, overly-opinionated friends. Which means, I NEEDED to share the love with you guys! :)

Yep, technically, they're paleo. Grain free. Please don't let that scare you. They are in no way *healthy,* and are so insanely awesomely yum.

Double-chocolate brownies

  • 16 oz of almond butter, creamy or crunchy. We use Trader Joe's raw almond butter and it works really well. 
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup honey or agave
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 5 ounces dark chocolate bar {I use 83% cocoa}, chopped, or chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mix almond butter, eggs, & honey. Mixers work better than a whisk. Add in cocoa powder, salt, & baking soda. Fold in chopped dark chocolate/chips. 
  3. Spread into a greased  9×13 pan.
  4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Let cool before cutting.

Don't be fooled by the no flour and no white sugar. These brownies are DIVINE. And, so easy to whip up. These pictures make me want to eat a brownie for breakfast. Oh wait. I already did :).

Happy friday friends!

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  1. These look incredible! Love using agave, I can't wait to try these. Have a great weekend!

  2. If brownies are cakey, they're just chocolate cake imo. Fudgey brownies all the way!

    These look so SO good & I love that they're gluten free (even if you aren't intolerant, gluten isn't all that great for you!), definitely going to bookmark this and try them out sometime, thanks for sharing :)

  3. I'm a fudgey brownie girl and I didn't know you guys were gluten-free. My friend Jo-Lynne and her family are gluten-free and she blogs about recipes all the time. If you are interested in her blog I'll send it along. Whenever I make a baked good at home, I always, without a doubt, have one for breakfast. Have a good weekend Jenn - and your new profile photo is awesome - you look great! (I need a new one!)

  4. THIS. IS. AWESOME!! Both my husband and son have crazy food intolerances too, and I think our next step is to try a GF diet on my hubby because we haven't perfectly narrowed down his intolerances yet. All this to say - this recipe will be perfect! And I firmly believe REAL brownies are fudgy brownies. :)

  5. How many eggs did you use? It mentions them in the instructions to use eggs but not how many to use. I'm so excited to try this recipe!

    1. Ooh, got it! 2 eggs, and the recipe is updated. Thanks! :)

  6. These look absolutely divine!
    I wanted to let you know I'm passing on the "Liebster Award" to you. Liebster means beloved, favorite, dearest in German. Here's my post all about it... http://domesticate.blogspot.com/2012/01/sharing-love.html

  7. Yum! I want these now! Stopping by from domestiCate, I'll be following you!

  8. oh my, these look delicious...my mouth is totally watering! i am in the fudgey camp too...

  9. I am in household divided on fudge vs cake brownies, these may sway the audience!!

  10. These look amazing! I do have one question: I currently live in South Korea and have no access to almond butter. Can I sub peanut butter?

    1. Hi Ferial,

      Yes, I've made them with pb and they're just as awesome :)

  11. Bought extra almond butter at the store to make these today. Definitely LOVE fudgy brownies! Thank you for sharing !

  12. I'm definitely going to make these soon. I just pinned them. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I made these tonight and adjusted the chocolate up and the honey down to 1/3cup and added some stevia. I added a small amount of water (scant 1/8 cup ) to replace the water lost in the 2/3 cup of honey. The brownies are a delightfully gooey, fluffy, INTENSELY chocolatey affair.

    The chocolate is much more intense AFTER baking, and I wish I'd have increased the stevia a considerable amount to give a bit more sweetness.

    I also put these into the recipe nutrition estimator here so if you want to see the nutrition make up it's roughly as follow:

    For 24 servings @ 35 grams ( rather than 10 )
    Calories: 178
    Fat: 13.6 / 2.7 saturated
    Carbs: 10.5g / 3.1 fiber / 6.0 sugar
    Protein: 6.1 grams
    These are about the size of two bite brownies.

    1. This is BRILLIANT! Thanks for posting the changes and the nutrition info. I'm excited to try the lower sugar version :)

  14. Always on the hunt for flourless treats that are gooey instead of just firm/dense. Excited to give these a try for a holiday party this month. Also just added to www.realfooding.net.

  15. Just mentioned you and this recipe in my blog - www.simplytangerine.com. Set to post at 7:00am PST. Check it out! Loved this recipe. Thanks!


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