{inspired} by my blog friends

Friends. My job opened its enormous jaws and swallowed me whole. Last Thursday. It finally spit me out late yesterday afternoon, but I'm still feeling a little dazed. The past five days (weekend included) have been a doozy. One of the things that got me through was sneaking peeks at YOUR BLOGS here and there when I needed a quick break.

While I'm pulling my wits back about me, I thought I'd share some of my favorite posts from the last week. You all are so creative, and I just LOVE visiting each of your blogs.

The living room board Holly put together for a friend is gorgeous. Love the pops of varying blues and a little yellow. So comfy. Visit: west pear avenue

This winter tablescape that Kirsten put together is to light and bright. You can never fail with hydrangeas. Visit: restored style

I'm always so inspired by vertical gardens, but seeing this one, and the step-by-step instructions, makes me think even I could build one! Visit: old house, new home

These photos of Switzerland inspire me to be a better photographer AND go back to Switzerland. Just gorgeous. Visit: kristatomic via nubby twiglet

Kat's new kitchen light has me drooling. So much industrial goodness. Actually, her whole kitchen has me drooling. You're gonna want to check it out. Visit: maple leaves, sycamore trees

Thanks for all the inspiration and for getting me through my really tough week. I hope you've found at least one new blog on the list to explore and be inspired by :).


  1. Jenn, I can't tell you how much this means to me on a day like today. It sounds like you and I are both in a career tornado right now. Thank you so much for featuring my board and I'm glad you liked it so much. Thanks again and I hope you have a good day and enjoy a special treat to yourself later.

  2. Hi Jenn

    Im new to the whole blogging scene so its really cool to see that you have posted a link to my site. Thanks alot. I really appreciate. I think blogging is my new hobby, besides d.i.y. Now while we are having a few weeks break from d.i.y, i am constantly thinking about what i can blog about in the meantime :) Anyway thanks again :)
    cheers, Bron (Old house, new home)

  3. Aww...thanks for the shout-out, Jenn! Hope you enjoy the rest of this week:)

  4. Sorry things were so rough/busy at work! Blogs are always a great break/indulgence! Have never been to Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees, going to check it out right now (great light!) And I still am loving that mood board of Holly's:)

  5. Hi Jenn, your home is lovely, as always, your news is so great!

    xoxo ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures! :) Hope you're recovering!

  7. Ohhhh, love the blog love - so, so sweet of you! Sad you are so darn busy at work - not fun. Let's get together when things slow down:)!


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