{inspired} fall favorites + a new series

Happy Monday friends! Did you all hear? Saturday was the first day of the best season of the year : FALL! Do you all love fall as much as I do? After the heat of the summer months, it's such a relief to have cooler, crisp temperatures, gorgeous colors on the leaves and cozy clothes to wrap up in. 

Want to see what I love most about fall?

1.  Fall colors. If you don't live in a place with fall colors, I am sorry. They are amazing! There are very few things more fun than jumping in a big pile of leaves. And, yes, of course I still do this if I run across a pile :). I also love kicking through freshly fallen leaves on the sidewalk.

2. Hot drinks. I love filling a HUGE mug with a warm drink. Cinnamon tea is my drink of choice. Add Bailey's in the evening ;)

3. Cozy sweaters make me so happy. I always pull them out way earlier than I should, but I can't help it. Adventuring in the fall in a sweater makes me very happy.

4. Boots. Do you have a pair of knee high boots? I love mine and want about 10 more pairs. I love how they pull even the most casual of outfits together and make it look like you put some effort in :).

5. Pumpkins. Too obvious? How can you not get excited when pumpkins first start appearing in huge bins at the grocery store? We head out to the pumpkin patch with friends every year to choose ours, and it's a day filled with hot apple cider, hay rides and lots of laughs. I don't usually carve our pumpkins, so I LOVE this fun graphic painted version. A must try this season.

This post also marks the start of a little series I'm hosting. Some of my wonderful blog friends have agreed to share with you guys what THEY love about fall. Over the next couple weeks, you'll be hearing their answer to the question "what's the one thing you love about fall?" I hope you'll enjoying hearing from this awesome group of bloggers and that you'll even meet new bloggers through this!

Friends, I love to hear from you on this. What's your favorite season? And, what's your favorite think about fall?


  1. Ah Jen you are making me SO jealous! No fall here. Still blazing hot. Our fall in SoCal seems to last for about 5 minutes sometime towards the end of Thanksgiving weekend and then go right into colder winter, non-stop rain and fog. Not at all romantic or fall-like. So I live vicariously through my friends from the north like you. :) Despite the heat you have me wanting to make a giant cup of hot cider & to find find a pile of leaves to kick my feet through.

  2. I love boots too! I by love, I mean I'm obsessed. Can't wait for the new series!


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