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Morning A Home in the Making friends!

I'm Kirsten from Restored
and I'm super excited to be chatting about my favorite thing about Fall,
because I truly adore this season! The beautiful colored leaves, football games, cold
crisp mornings...and COATS! Maybe it's the Portlander in me, but I have a hard time
saying no to a good coat. I love every kind under the sun - trench coats, wool coats,
cotton coats, down-filled coats...they are all up my alley. Here are a few coats I've
spotted lately that I'd happily find room for in my coat closet.

Soooo cute, right? How could I choose just one?! Here's a quick source list for my fellow
coat-addicted friends:

a.) Hooded knit jacket - found here
b.) Vintage troop parka - found here
c.) Down sweater - found here
d.) Corded dobby striped trench - found here
e.) Onyx coat - found here

Happy fall to you and cheers to Jenn for letting me stop by her lovely blog!

Kirsten @ Restored Style

from Jenn: Kirsten, my husbands regrets that you wrote this post. ;) I might have a slight crazy huge coat obsession! Did you all know that? Some day I'll show you. My favorites from this list are A and D. So cute! Friends which coats are your favorites? Are you a coat person? A shoe person, or a bag person? I'm convinced all women fall into one of the above categories :).


  1. I love coat "a" but can't get the link to work. Where is it from, I'd love to order one!!

  2. Came to your sweet blog from Restored Style! Love it and also think your home is so darn adorable! Will be following along!

    @ The Gotta Have It Girl

  3. I can't see the images and most of the links are failing for me :(

  4. only the onyx link works...

  5. Hi all! I'm so sorry about the broken picture/links. It worked when it went live, so I'm not sure what happened. I'm in Italy right now with very very limited phone internet access, but I'll fix it as soon as I can. Thanks for your understanding!!


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