{renovate} kitchen cabinets, hardware and appliances

Um, it looks like I owe you a HUGE kitchen update! We looked at the pantry and the nook during December, but I completely forgot that the last time you saw the actual kitchen we still didn't have cabinet doors or a stove top. I was all set to tell you about our trim and all the work I've been doing caulking, but let's take a look at more than that, mmmkay?

Let me assure you, the kitchen has been functional since the beginning of December. Yah! All appliances are hooked up and all the boxes are unpacked and moved in. It's absolutely wonderful. So let's take a look at progress and then I'll tell you what's left. Hint: not a lot!

Stove top.

The game changer. This was the last appliance we installed and also happens to be one on I use the most. So, it was an exciting day :). We do need to hook up the fan, which pops up from the middle there, and that's why there's no doors on that cabinet. But fan or no fan - I can cook again!


All the cabinets are installed! With the exception of those two doors, above. You can see we even have a door to conceal the dishwasher (to the left of the sink), which is just fabulous.

I've mentioned before, but the cabinets are IKEA's Adele. We just love them and are super happy with our choice.


We agonized over this decision, but am so in love with what we chose. I REALLY wanted a bin pull, but wanted to mix it up a little. I really like that the shape of these bins is just a bit more modern. All the hardware on the bottom cabinets are Restoration Hardware's Duluth pulls.

The upper doors - all four of them - are sporting RH's Ephram knob.


We're so close to finishing up the trim. As you saw in the first photo of the post, we need to trim out the window. Other than that? A tiny bit of quarter round in the nook!

It makes SUCH a huge difference to have trim - even when it isn't painted. The whole space just looks so much more polished. I'm working on caulking and then we'll paint it up!


Last update. A lot of you know that I've also been agonizing about our stools. We bought the ones we loved, only to learn that the were actually bar height - and we needed counter height. We thought about returning them, but then my incredible talented husband cut/welded about four inches off the bottom and now they're perfect! Seriously, you can't even tell they used to be taller and I'm so happy I didn't have to find something else!

What's left.

- TILE. Yep, that's a biggie.
- Stove fan installation.
- Trim: window, caulking and painting.
- Install last two cabinets.

See? See how close? It's nice to have the end in sight. And luckily, we're both really sick of working on this so we'll be busting out these last tasks over the next few weeks.


  1. It's looking great! I know first hand how annoying it can be to finally finish up those last few touches but they really make all the difference. We literally had our kitchen window unfinished for the past year after we renovated (year!) and I just this past week finished trimming, caulking, and painting it. So take my advice and don't procrastinate :)

  2. YES! You are so, so close. I bet it feels amazing that you can see the finish line. We went with the duluth pulls too in our kitchen - aren't they dreamy?!

    1. OMG! Great minds, Kirsten :). And yes, they are dreamy.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm seriously in love with your kitchen... Can't wait to see the fully finished product.

  4. Woo hoo!!! It's really looking great Jenn. You must be so happy every time you are in the kitchen. I know I was and still am - best $$ we ever spent on our house. Love those pulls - they are very similar to the ones that we have on our drawers but ours are a brushed finish. Also love what you did with the stools - go Chris! And since you haven't trimmed out the windows yet I'm assuming you'll be doing tile to the ceiling which is SO very exciting. Yay for updates!

  5. Beautiful! You guys have done an outstanding job!


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