{inspired} a navy girls nursery

You guys! Today, I'm thrilled to be sharing with you a very special room - it's the nursery of a dear friend's infant daughter. And, I'm ridiculously excited to show you photos because I took them. And no, that's not a nod to my skills (or lack there of) with a camera. I'm excited because that means I not only went to Texas to see my friend (!), but I met her sweet, adorable daughter!!

Becky decided on a bit of a non-traditional girls room color palette, which I happen to adore. I LOVE the navy brightened up by hits of orange and yellow. She texted me a photo of all the fabrics after fabric shopping and I may have squealed with delight. I knew immediately this room was going to be beautiful and special.

Becky had all the bedding and drapes custom made on Etsy. One of my favorites parts of the chevron fabric is that the chevron was actually finished vertical instead of the usual horizontal. I also love that the fabric door mirrors the window curtains on the opposite wall and really ties it all together.

And of course, we need to take a minute to talk about this entire wall. As you can tell, it's what you see immediately as you enter the room. It's a little harder to tell what's going on in my photos, but the wall is a glossy/non-glossy grid, and it is BRILLIANT. And, gorgeous and subtle and gives just enough interest in when you're in the room to make it really stand out. Becky posted a few photos on her blog, and it's easier to see the treatment in them, and then she gave step-by-step directions.

The scrabble art is a nod to Becky's love of words - I never saw her without a crossword puzzle when we worked and went to school together in Boston! - and is also a great piece of art. You can find the how-to also on her blog.

The cute little gallery wall ties in the colors and patterns of the room with a few pieces of sentimental art mixed in. Becky listed all the sources in her nursery reveal post. (Psst. If you click over, you'll see which of the art is from me! :)

 Let's wrap this tour up with some details of the room, shall we?

Becky and her husband are both Texas A&M grads, so this sign is especially appropriate. And just another example of how important adding personal touches are to any room.

Now, I'm exited to hear - what's your favorite part of the room? The subtle grid wall? The fabric choices? The hand-made personal art? I truly can't decide, but I do know that I absolutely love that this room is not traditionally "girly," yet is sweet and obviously meant for a little girl.


  1. I'm really liking the personal touch with the scrabble board. It's such a nice little connection to the mom and also just a great piece of visual art! Also, the room to me is a bit gender neutral which I am definitely liking and refreshing to see!

  2. This nursery is adorable! I love that it is not pink as most little girls rooms are! And the checkerboard wall is great and not something you see everyday! Love it!

  3. So honored to have Willa's room featured on your blog, my dear friend. Thanks for sharing it with your readers (and the link love!). xoxoxo

  4. I love the scrabble words and the colors. Adorable!

  5. I love the colors for a girl...especially navy. And the vertical chevron...and the glossy/non glossy grid...and the scrabble-esque lettering. I feel like I would just be bouncing all over the place pointing out the cool features if I saw it in person!

  6. Yep, pretty darned awesome.

  7. you've got a nice post, i do love on your pretty ideas specially the designs..

    2 letter scrabble words

  8. Jenn!!! I stopped by to say hello and I find this lovely nursery, for a while I thought you had a baby, I wasn't so long from my last time here, haha



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