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I think I mentioned in this house needs a lot of work. The list below (and the pictures!) is everything we need to do that isn't decorating focused. We'll prioritize later, but it helps to write it all down so we know what lies ahead. It also helps you all to have a better idea of what we're getting ourselves into. This post is sort of long, but I hope you enjoy! Nook: - Strip paint, *all eight or nine layers*, from windows - Sand and even out built-ins - Repaint all Kitchen: Before I begin my kitchen list, let me warn you that the kitchen needs a complete remodel. It's not laid out well and it's very, very old. We aren't in a place to hire someone now, so for the time being, we're going to tackle what we can ourselves and with the help of our wonderful families. - Remove cabinet doors - Strip paint from doors - Paint doors - Replace cabinets doors - New appliances - Paint walls - Install island Living Room: - Paint walls and ceiling - Install ceiling fan - Find something to do with the weird fireplace (paint??) - Install molding between the baseboards and the hardwood floors - Reinstall missing vents Bathroom: - New, smaller sink - Strip paint from vanity, sand to even out - Repaint vanity - Paint walls and ceiling - Find something to do with the window in the shower - Remove caulk and then recaulk shower Backdoor landing: - Repaint all - Remove carpet - Install handrails Back porch: The back porch is on the other side of the door above. I don't have pictures, but it's also a priority because it's such a great space. - Power wash floor - Install siding in missing areas - Whitewash - Secure screens - Spray paint screen door

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  1. It's really a cute house.

    But I agree, that table has to go ;-)


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