an update and an introduction to power tools

After weeks of not working on the house, we had a non-stop work weekend. Chris was super productive prepping the outside windows for paint. He stripped and primed all the windows! Poncho the hired help? No, Chris in his *paining hat*. Apparently the sombero prevents him from becoming a red neck. I don't think there's much hope. ;) I continued on my quest to prep the kitchen and met my new best friends -- the power sander. Why haven't I been using this all along? Seriously, work went SO MUCH faster. The pics below might not look great, the those windows are smooth and ready to prime. And, my muscles and hands are pain free. What could be better? Last, I found this picture tonight, and it's exactly what I have in mind for our back porch. Simple and fresh.

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  1. I absolutely love the hat. Do *not* make him get rid of it!


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