like a weed . . .

I have a garden update! Mostly because I'm a little shocked about how amazingly well things are growing. Neither of us are *gardeners* per se. But we both love fresh organic produce, and we don't love paying premiums for it. When we first planted, we went back and forth about what to *feed* our little plantlings. Chemicals were out. But were we both too busy to really research what we should feed them then. So we chalked this first year up to experimentation and just left them as is. No food. Good soil. Lots of water. Apparently they're liking the environment we gave them. Here are the tomatoes two weeks ago: Doing well, but there space around them and you can still see the wire supports. Here they are today: No spaces, no wires to be seen. It's a jungle in there! I can't believe how much they can grow in that short of time. And, we have fruit! I can't wait till they turn red. I'm a little obsessive. Checking a couple times a day to see how they're doing. I wish I knew why they were thriving. I'm a little in the dark, but I'm super happy they're doing well. And, just for fun, here our enormous cucumber plant. Oh. wow.

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