It happens every June. Work gets busy. Really busy. But, this is no excuse to neglect this space. I have tons of pictures to show you. I have projects we've been working on. Garden updates. Inspirations. And, I itching to play show and tell. But first, I'm going to share my weekend, because it fun. So fun. And, so relaxing. Just what I needed for crazy June. We went to our first ever rodeo! There were great friends. There was great food over an open fire. Oh yes. Those are oysters. There were calves. I wanted to take them all home. So cute. There were rodeo princesses. Oh, and there were cowboys. These little guys were just too cute. JJ the rodeo clown kept us very entertained. And there were horses. Beautiful. The older cowboys were pretty nice also. Aaaah. Loved. this. weekend. More inspiration to come later this week.

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  1. Oysters at a rodeo? What the hell kind of rodeo is that? Girl you need to come to a rodeo in Texas.


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