antique fair finds

As I mentioned yesterday, Chris and I hit a fabulous antique fair this weekend. There was so.much.great.stuff. Tons of inspiration, but ultimately, we were on a mission.

I have never lived in a house with so little storage. I know, I know. People in 1928 didn't have as much stuff as we have. But, c'mon.

The sad state of my storage: one small closet in each bedroom. One built-in in the hallway. One hall closet. A very small amount of kitchen cupboards. That's it. No storage in the bathroom. No linen closet. No coat closet. No pantry.

So, the hall closet *with.no.shelves* becomes storage for mops, vacuum, small kitchen appliances, etc. The built-in becomes the pantry. And the medicine cabinet. And the linen closet. Our bedroom is too small to hold my dresser, so that is relegated to the living room. Panties and all.

So this weekend was all about storage. And, on a budget. A super tight budget. Remember, we're currently under major construction.

And, this my friends, is the answer to the majority of my storage problems:

Cute, right? The best part is that the dresser is IN.MY.CLOSET. All my clothes were moved out of the living room *hurrah!* Don't you love creative use of space?

This means the dresser in the living room is now home to all my linens. Which mean the pantry is holding only my food. Because:

This awesome piece of furniture is holding all the medicine/toiletries with room to boot.

** And, what did I tell you: large furniture whore. This is just the beginning my friends. **

Besides these two lovely and great storage solutions we picked up a few other useful pieces.
Rolling cart for the garage. I think Chris was feeling left out by my furniture finds.

And, our dream light for outside the garage. We've been searching for one of these for months, and the price on this one was just too good to pass up.

Overall I'd have to say, a very productive Sunday.

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