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Happy beginning of fall!** I can already feel it coming. The warm days. The crisp, cool evenings. The leaves just beginning to change color. I. Love. Fall.

**Note to summer: I love you in June with your glorious warm days and endless rays of sun. But when you reach 102 degrees and torture those of us without air conditioning for days on end, my love wanes. Quickly.**

I also love fall shopping. *Back to school shopping.* No, I'm not in school. Yes, it's been a few years. But, it's a habit I can't break. Especially when sweaters like this begin appearing:

Yes I bought it. And yes, I'm anxiously awaiting a cool enough day to wear it.

And, I'm loving fall decor this year too. Especially Restoration Hardware. I haven't seen much interesting from them in a couple years, but a casual flip through their new catalog the other day turned into studiously marking page after page of swoon-worthy rooms and items.

These chairs. Oh.My.Goodness. Every time I see them I can't help but think *Alice in Wonderland,* but still I can't get enough. They look like the perfect spot to curl up with a book.

I've been seeing old subway posters floating around for a few months and I really like them. What a great large piece of art.

No explanation needed. I'll just import the entire room into my house and be happy, thank you.

Love the desk and chair.

This kitchen is perfection. The stools and island are amazing. Do you think the fire/fireplace is included if you order the set?

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  1. I love that light fixture in the picture with the Alice in Wonderland chairs. And I bought a sweater vest with that argyle pattern. Because I won't be able to wear sweaters for at least a couple more months.


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