{inspired} adorable home

I came across this home today and innocently threw the living room picture in my *inspiration* folder. And then the dining room picture. And then the den picture. At this point I realized that I couldn't *not* share this house with you -- it's a great combo of beautiful and comfortable. It looks like it's meant to be lived in, which is rare for many *inspiration* type photos.

I love (and have for awhile) this coffee table. I might need to find myself one of these. I also really like the one large accent pillow on the couch.

In the dining room, I really enjoy both the pendant light and the arrangement on the fireplace. I have a huge letter. I could totally do that with the pictures. I tend to stay away from fireplace arrangements that are too cluttered, or too *styled*. This one just makes me happy in its simplicity.

This blue rug is to die for. And, I'm totally smitten with the art on the left side. I would love to replicate something like this with a favorite quote.

I am on a huge succulent kick lately, and recently bought so many at a garage sale (random, I know). This arrangement makes me super happy and I'm itching to get mine in a cute container asap.

{All images found at the stir. This is pretty good's home.}


  1. I love that old flag that's been framed. What a fantastic idea for wall decorations, but it would have to definitely be an old flag, I don't think a new one would look as awesome.

  2. I love this flag, i'm obsessed with sweden, hhehe...maybe i will copy the idea!
    thanks for sharing!


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