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Awhile ago I showed you our little front yard project. And then I just left you hanging. Are we done? Yep Have we been done for awhile? Oh yeah. There's actually a perfectly good reason I accidently teased you, but we'll get into that on Monday. Today, I want to show you what the yard looks like now that it's properly landscaped! 

As a reminder, here is the before:
This is what the house looked like when I moved in about year and a half ago.

Here's a mid-shot. Partway through the project, after we'd torn up the grass and sculpted the lawn:

Obviously, last summer's project -- painting the entryway -- helped immensely.

And here is now:

And from the other side:

We are so happy with how it turned out! And, I can't wait to look back at this picture next to and compare growth. I know it will look even more fantastic once the plants begin to grow in a bit. 

I'll be back next week to feature a few of my favorite plants and pass a long a few tips we learned that made the job a little easier.

Happy weekend!

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