{create} ampersand wall art

A few weeks ago, Kate Spade announced their new London pop-up shop. Of course, it's all gorgeous. But I especially love the gallery wall, below. There's just so many great things to look at: mirrors, flowers, vintage boxing gloves.

The piece that really caught my eye though, is the pink ampersand. Isn't that just awesome? I wanted to recreate it, but knew I needed to add my own little twist.

Enter, awesome chevron fabric:
I've been dying to use this great blue chevron fabric since I bought it a couple months ago.  This was the perfect project to pull it out for. I also like how the coral fabric really pops against the light blue.

And, it really pops against the wall. As I mentioned in the shelf styling post, I've been looking for great homemade art, and this is my favorite so far. The great part is you can use any letter or symbol, and it would be cute. Plus it's crazy easy! Like so easy that you should all make one. This weekend :).

I made up an ampersand pattern, which you can download here. The pattern includes the ampersand I used, plus another ampersand that I also think would work well.

The technique is simple. Cut a piece of background fabric to whatever size you'd like. Trace ampersand onto contrasting fabric and cut out. Pin to background fabric and then trace on your sewing machine with a straight stitch. 

And with that friends, I wish you all a very happy weekend!


  1. look great! i LOVE that fabric, especially with that coral color against it. nice job!

  2. Looks amazing!! The color combo is so fun, I may have to try this with a Q. I have been loving all the photos from the pop up shop from Kate Spade that have been showing up

  3. What an inspired idea. I do love how that pops against the wall. I'm enjoying your projects. Table runner, coffee table transformation, etc.

  4. Thanks all! And, Angela, it would be so adorable with a Q.!

  5. love love LOVE this! That fabric is fantabulous!

    Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons


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