{inspired}: oregon crush

After I posted my new awesome Oregon artwork last week, I got to thinking. I have some serious crush on Oregon. I used to take it so personally when I lived on the east coast and people wouldn't even know where Oregon was. (Which, by the way, how does that happen? Isn't that something you need to know to graduate middle school?) I can't decide if I'm completely weird (probably), but Oregon, and Portland especially, does illicit very strong opinions both from residents and visitors. Of course, I also spend 10 hours a day promoting Oregon, which probably influences me more than a little. :)

 I've mentioned before that I think design is highly personal. I think this is the overwhelming factor in my obsession love of all things Portland and Oregon. So many memories -- mostly good  and some life-changing amazing -- are rooted here. I think surrounding ourselves with a few pieces that remind us both where we come from and far we've come is a good thing.  Besides, how can you NOT love a place whose citizens proudly proclaims, at every opportunity:

I've been finding lots of state and city artwork lately. And, not just Portland and Oregon art. So maybe I'm not crazy? I thought I'd share a few of my favorites, just in case any of you out there can relate!

This is just adorable! Made by love, california, the pillow comes in most states.

Although sold out right now, these maps by Best Made Company are ridiculously amazing. There are a few states, cities and Canada! The are currently sold out, but are releasing more this month. I will be first in line.

This piece, by CAPow!, is great because it plays into my obsession with Portland AND my love of maps. Perfect combo. I love how it looks vintage and the conversation hearts are a cute touch. It comes in a variety of cities and convo heart sayings.

I have been loving this piece for two years! Typography makes me melty. And I don't say that about a lot of things! I just need to buy it, I think. It's an Ork Poster, and they have a lot of different cities.

This is quintessential Portland. This sign has been gracing the Portland sky line for as long as I can remember. In December, they light the deer's nose red. Cute! Sadly, the building it sits on has changed owners, and the new owners want to keep the sign, but change what it says. Boo. I need a picture of the original for my house. For old time's sake. This picture was found at Vintage Roadside.

I love this image from Abby Try Again. This is Portland St. John's Bridge, which is just down the street from my house. I never wanted to live in this neighborhood, which is too long of a story to bore you with get into today, but I am so glad I did. I know Chris and our awesome little house have a lot to do with that, but this bridge will always remind me of our time spent in this house.

What about you guys? What places do you have a crush on?


  1. "Which, by the way, how does that happen? Isn't that something you need to know to graduate middle school?"

    This cracked me up. Try being from Montana. If people know where the state is (rare), they think you ride horses and live in barns with cows.

    Once we were in Seattle and my dad was wearing a Gonzaga hat (or shirt? or sweatshirt? maybe it was my brother?) and the flying fish guys at the market were making fun of the ZAGS logo, something to make fun of, as they are wont to be between throws. My dad was surprised they'd never heard of Gonzaga (this was in their Final Four height) and then said, "It's in Spokane." (you know...Spokane, second largest city in your state....) They had no idea where Spokane was. Wasn't entirely sure they had even heard of it.

    People are funny.

  2. @Emily, I think it's western states in general -- we really get the shaft sometimes! Well, except California :). Your story is cracking me up -- how does that happen? I will never understand.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Well first of all, I have a crush on two (and you can probably guess which ones)... Texas and Boston. It's a weird combination I know but there you have it.

    B) I read something today (or was it yesterday?) about the lowest stressed cities and Portland, Oregon, was somewhere in the top 10 of that list. Naturally, I thought of you ;-)

  4. Hi Jenn!!! Thanks for your comment!! I went to Sweden when I was 18, and I fell in love with this country. Sweden is so lovely.
    I have to say about your post that I've never been in America so I don't know much about Portland, and I don't know much about the state of Oregon, but I am European, I have forgiveness, hahaha... Well maybe someday I can visit Portland and I can discover all these wonderful things that are there!!!!

    A big hug for you!!!
    have a nice day, Jenn

  5. Great post, I feel the same way about Portland... I love it, even during its massive gloomy period like in that last pic!


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