{inspired} spring branches

First, I am so excited (and SO honored) to have had my back entry featured on Design*Sponge yesterday! You can find the feature here, if you haven't yet seen it :). 

Today I thought we'd talk about decorating with branches. I love having fresh branches around in the spring for a few reasons. First, they're free! Just pop outside and cut branches from your nearest tree (if your nearest tree isn't in your yard, make sure you ask first :). On top of free, they are beautiful and completely dramatic. I'm always look for a way to add a little drama.

Blossoming branches, added to a fun container, or even a simple vase, add lovely spring colors.

If you don't have blossoms on your branches yet, you can always get creative and add your own.

See the drama? Love it. I also like how the branches add a natural, organic element to an otherwise very clean-lined room.

You can also turn them into art. I love this, and think it would make a nice addition to a room any time of year.

These branches made an appearance in our house this week. Each spring I make a point of gathering flowering or leafing branches from our front yard.

There are two types here: the green are from our plum tree and the vibrant red is from our Japanese maple. The Japanese maple was new last summer, and it's a more than welcome addition my cuttings. The amazing red color makes me very happy!

Do you ever bring in branches to your home? What are you favorite branches to display? Happy Friday friends!


  1. Congrats on your Design Sponge feature!

    I love your spring plants--alas I fear Woods would make an absolute mess of them if I brought something like that indoors! Cats ruin a good design sometimes :)

  2. Did you see what I did with branches this fall? They continue to look GREAT! http://www.holyokehome.com/2011/02/turquoise-mirror-finds-home.html

  3. Such great ideas! I love the idea of framing them!

  4. You have a plum tree AND a japanese maple?1 ahh they are so pretty!!!! love this arrangement on your table! and fab inspiration photos girl! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. OMG OMG OMG! You are on D*S!!! You are the freakin best! :D Atta girl!!! xo

  6. I am loving pretty much every photo here. Like framing branches? So cool. Anyway, your effort to branch out (har har) really worked well!
    Now I've gotta go visit you on Design*Sponge!

  7. Just clicked over and saw the post! How fabulous:)

  8. Hoooooray for your design sponge feature! So awesome - that space deserves all the kudos! Love it.


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