{inspired} craft room/office mood board

As I mentioned the other day, I've been really struggling figuring out what I want our craft room/office to look like now that it's all purdy

The room has a number of things it needs to accomplish:
  • Sewing space
  • Craft space
  • Storage
  • Creative fabric storage
  • Chris' closet :)
And it needs to accomplish all this in a tiny space: 9 ft. x 12 ft. to be exact. This little space definitely has its work cut out for it. Last night Chris and I took a close look at the room and how we use each space in the room and we determined that we don't need the desk that currently resides in the room. We NEVER sit at it, and it just takes up space. That, pared with the beautiful inspiration offices I posted Monday, helped me organize my thoughts and ideas and come up with a mood board.

  1. Sewing table (already own, not as pictured)
  2. File cabinet (already own, not as pictured)
  3. Turquoise office chair (already own, not as pictured)
  4. Rug
  5. Armoire (already own, not as pictured)
  6. Shelves
  7. Painted chandelier (salvaged, not as shown)
  8. Fabric. Honestly, the floral fabric is lovely, but its brightness scares the heck out of me. That's why it's on here:). It'll be used for either curtains or pelmet boxes. The striped fabric will back a bulletin board.
  9. Woven shades (already own, not as pictured)
  10. Offices boxes and storage. For all the *office* supplies that are losing a home when the desk moves out.
  11. Orange desk lamp (already own, not as pictured).
As you can see, I'm working to use and/or repurpose a lot of items we already have. I like that it mixes geometrical prints with some fun pops of color. This is a craft room after all! You might notice the lack of *art*. I have a fun idea for fabric *storage* that will turn it into the room's art.

Now that I actually have a plan, I'm so excited to get started on this room!


  1. I really like the plan. I can't wait to see it. Keep us posted.

  2. I like where your head is at =) goooorgeous! The floral swatch is kind of calling to me <3 so pretty!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. i really like your scheme jenn. don't be afraid of bold bright patterns - if you cant use them in a creative space where else will you use them? i made a pelmet box today - thanks to your tute...hubby is away and i can't hang it up though -------- will post when it gets up!

  4. i'd say the struggle is over, these inspirations are gorgeous Jenn! i love the way you go about planning any home improvements, totally keeps me on my toes with your incredible foresight. thanks for the sweet words about my restyle, meant a lot coming from a profesh like you! ♥

  5. How exciting! I'm loving the mood board. Can't wait to see it completed.

  6. I like the mood board. Especially digging that armoire. I need to be digging more into Craig's List and consignment/antique stores to see if I can find something similar.

    BTW - found an etsy store the other day where this woman takes vintage fabrics and turns them into these awesome cuffs. Thought of you when I saw it. Store name is Ponder and Stitch.

  7. I love the turquoise and orange color combo. Look forward to seeing how it all comes together!

    postmodern hostess

  8. Okay, so I'm about to be working on my "craft room" which I may start calling my "work room," too. And, I'm thinking similarly... I'm your newest follower (via RSS feed). Great blog!

  9. gorgeous color palette. Orange is my favorite! Love that fabric

  10. I love this! It makes me dream of the day when I can have a craft room too :)

    Can't wait to see the finished product!


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