{inspired} etsy at west elm

Happy Monday friends! Did you all have a great weekend? We ended up at a fun event on Saturday afternoon that I wanted to share with you.

I've been incredibly impressed with West Elm for the past couple seasons because in each catalog they've featured incredibly talented Etsy sellers. It makes me very happy to see a store that can easy be labeled *big box* reach out to, and promote, independent artists. I really wish more stores would take a cue from West Elm on this one. 

It just so happens that Portland has an incredible supply of talented independent artists. When I heard there was going to be a *We Heart Hand Made Art Event* our local West Elm this weekend featuring Portland Etsy artists, I knew I couldn't miss the chance to support my local artists, and check out West Elm's cute summer line. And, there's a chance I drug my husband. :)
I didn't take pictures. I'm really weird about bringing a camera out in public/retail places. Eeps. But, luckily, West Elm had set up a fun photo booth. I'll give you one guess who was holding the control (and it wasn't me!).

So what else was there? A handful of GREAT Portland artists!

My favorite, Rachel Austin, was there. So I got to drool admire her lovely art.

I also discovered a few other new-to-me artists that I love.

Moufelt and her lovely table runners were in attendance.

La Petit Vie was on hand with her line of AMAZING-smelling all natural cleaners and beauty products.
Seriously, I want the entire line.  

I was also completely captivated by Anna Joyce Designs. Her pillows and sweatshirts were so cheery and fun, and I admire anyone who can applique with the quality that she pulled off. Great stuff.

Of course, West Elm has lovely goodies as well. There's a chance this bathmat might have ended up in our bathroom.

So, West Elm has absolutely no idea who I am. But I'm telling you about this event because if there is one happening in your area: GO! Support your local artists! And, have a great Monday evening :).


  1. Ohmygosh I'm so jealous! I want to goooo! <3 I'd need a personal plane or helicopter though ;)

    your photobooth photos came out ADORABLE!!! ahhh love it! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Second on the cute pics. Will wander West Elm with you AND look really pleased to be doing so? Looks like a keeper to me.

    New header - nice! I have to confess to rarely leaving the black and white comfort of Google Reader, even as I try doing a little design work on my own blog. I think I need about two weeks at a remote cabin (with internet? kind of weird) if I'm ever going to make much blog/life progress. ;)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    And, Emily, yes finally! I know, it takes forever to get to design, but I was sorely in need of a little update :).

  4. How fun! I don't think there is a West Elm in St. Louis but there is one in Omaha where my MIL and many friends live--will have to keep an eye out for stuff like this :)

  5. I love West Elm and Portland, sounds like a great day to me!

  6. I agree - it's awesome to see a big store like West Elm helping the "little guys." There's definitely room for both in this world, and I'll spend my money more at the large businesses who appreciate the little ones!

    Also, I'm stoked to check out all these Etsy sellers you've shared! I love the idea of buying even my cleaning items from an Etsian. :)

  7. Wow, what fun! A terrific partnership and a fun event. Now to get a West Elm in Madison...! Love the new header too!


  8. Oh, I heard about one of these in ?Vancouver?, and it looked so lovely!

  9. awe Jenn, so fun! i love the pics of you both under the starry sky. awesome they had a booth set up, i know just what you mean about hauling out a camera when attending something like that. there's no way to make it covert, we stick out like a sore thumb for sure. these are a great assortment, looks like the best time! ♥


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