{renovate} floor finishing touch

Hi friends! Thank you for indulging me in a couple days off from this little space. To say that life was a little overwhelming over the weekend was a bit of an understatement. From my lovely sister-in-law surprising us with a visit (!) to an super intense Monday work meeting followed by an intense job interview (!), I was wiped. Oh yeah, and there was that pesky little half marathon on Sunday. Which, I'll be honest, actually turned into a quarter marathon. I thought it would be better for everyone if I were fully functional at the aforementioned meeting and interview on Monday. Luckily I was in top form on Monday, but after the stress of the few days prior I crashed. 

I'm excited to be back here today, though, to share with you the finishing touch we made on our hardwood floors! And you thought we were done, right? If you're just joining us, earlier this year we refinished the hardwood floors in a couple spaces of our upstairs. You can read more that project here.

The problem, throughout our entire upstairs, is the house was built with baseboard and quarter round molding. Then the 80's hit and the quarter round was torn out so that ugly blue carpet could be laid over the hardwoods (I heart the 80's :). Quarter round isn't necessary if the baseboard goes all the way to the floor. But since there had been quarter round originally, we were left with a weird gap between the hardwoods and the moldings when we pulled the carpet back up. See the space in the above picture?

We remedied that with quarter round. I've mentioned before that Chris is a crazy-awesome *hunter*. He has the best eye at both thrift stores and garage sales and has saved us so much money in the process. About a year ago he came home from a garage sale with quarter round and an explanation of *some day* we need to install this in the rooms with hardwoods.

I get a little annoyed sometimes with the thought of storing for *someday*. It goes completely against my sense of living light and organized. But, I was super happy when we finally pulled these babies out. Because the quarter round above, which was just enough to finish installation in all four upstairs rooms - living room, hallway, and two bedrooms - cost all of FIVE DOLLARS.

Living room, before
For a long time, I wasn't sure if this step was even worth the hassle. I liked that the small space gave the room a *rustic* and not too perfect look. Plus, installing it completely turned our house upside down and inside out. Such a mess. I lived with end tables and lamps in my kitchen for days.

Living room, after
But it turns out that the quarter round is beautiful. It makes the room look much cleaner and put together. And really, it finishes the floors off nicely. It doesn't look to *perfect* like I  worried about ... it just looks right. If that makes sense.

Hallway, before 

Hallway, after

Bedroom, before

Bedroom, after

You can see the finished product really well in this photo of our living room. It's one of those seemingly small details that happens to make a HUGE difference. And for $5? Definitely worth our house being messy for a few days :)

How are all of you? Any fun updates you've been working on lately? I would love to hear about them! :).


  1. The quarter round is adorable--so smooth and curvy :) I wish J had that kind of eye!

  2. I can't believe you got all of that 1/4 round for 5 bucks!!! Absolutely perfect finishing touch.
    PS I figured out the google reader thing, thanks for the tip!!!!

  3. It looks great, and what a deal!
    I understand, though, how frustrating it can feel to store stuff for the mysterious "someday." I wrestle with the pros and cons of it too.

  4. No home updates for us right now, but I love how your living room has turned out! I love the pop of color the lamps add!

  5. Such a small thing but makes a huge difference!

  6. Great call! It looks beautiful, and you're right, more crisp and modern! I just love that shot of your living room.

  7. great job pretty lady! amazing how a little something can make such a big difference! ps: god i love your flooring <3 I pray for wood floors in our first place!


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