{renovate} stylish filing

Confession: I went on a bit of a spray paint spree a couple weekends ago. See, we've had an incredibly rainy *spring* and the weather cleared for a couple days and I was worried if I didn't do it THEN, it wouldn't actually happen. 

So what did I paint besides my orange light? A very BROWN file cabinet. Friends, I really don't have anything against brown. But, I think brown office supplies are a little boring. As illustrated:

See? Borrr-ing.

But, it was nothing a little spray paint couldn't handle. When I first started planning the office/craft room makeover I was determined to just buy a new one. This one is actually quite a bit bigger than what we need, and well, it's brown. And scratched up. BUT, it's FREE. I've seen other people paint file cabinets and I thought it'd be worth trying to save a little money.

I'm so glad I tried. Because three cans of spray paint later and the file cabinet looks brand new. Even the scratches are long gone.

I decided to keep it simple for this makeover. I don't want it to draw attention to itself. And I think the cream does a great job of helping it appear not so bulky and file cabinet-ish. But in terms of the office, I have big plans for this cabinet, and how it'll be used.

For now it's a great perch for my new bulletin board. More details + a how-to about this one on Friday!


  1. I like it! Spray paint makes such a huge difference!

  2. I have two file cabinets that will get a coat of spray paint at some point...I am also hoping to try the decoupage drawer front DIY....we'll see how it goes. At the rate I am moving on my office make-over, it could be Thanksgiving before it gets done!!!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  3. Thanks Lauren!

    And, me too Cathy. Me too. Hoping I'll continue at this pace though :)

  4. You are a painting pro. We also have a brown filing cabinet that we have covered with stickers from places we have visited. Luckily it sits in the closet where no one can appreciate its umm uniqueness;) I like your idea much better.

  5. Good work Jen! Looove the orange lamp and your inspiration board for the room btw! Are you planning on painting any furniture that robin's egg blue? Very pretty.

  6. yes, i feel the same about traditional office stuff too Jenn. i can't believe the clean finish you got on that, it's beautiful. i tried once, years ago, and it was a total fail. there were drips melting down the sides and all. you are a talent for sure, i wish we could do a side by side diy one day. i'd love to learn from you girl!

    love your bulletin board too, the whole orange theme with your new painted lamp is so gonna rock.

    congrats on the new job too! this is BIG news and that quote is so on point. you will be amazing and commute shamoot, it's gonna be cake...like you say, when it's as INCREDIBLE as that then what's the hold up? sure enough, you are the cutest new job getter ever!!!! ♥

    pes ess: thanks very much for your thoughtful comment on my mantra post Jenn, you are certainly "sparkling" now!

  7. well you cant beat FREE turned "brand new!" yay!

  8. I am a new follower! Blame late night food tweeting! :p I am actually going to be spray painting our filing cabinet. How did you manage to keep your handles and all silver-ness?


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