{renovate} an orange light!

Friends, thank you all for the nice notes this weekend in response to my new job! Seriously, I'm still just so excited. :)

But, on to important things. Last week I promised you ORANGE spray paint. And today, I'm here to deliver. When I started looking for inspiration for our newly updated office/craft room, I was a little stuck. I knew I wanted it to be bright and fun. In fact, way more bright than my usual muted color schemes. It is the craft room after all. But, of course, still classic, beautiful, inspirational and within our house color palette. The idea for the room came together when I found this fabric:

LOVE. It's bright and fun. It'll be used in small doses so it's not too overwhelming, and it's serving as the starting point for everything else in the room. You can see the original mood board for the room, featuring the fabric, here.

The other goal for this room? To keep costs down! We have so much furniture/accessories lying around here that my goal is to use and update what we have to make this room beautiful. Because we're using the fabric in pretty small doses, I've been looking for other ways to inject fun pops of color into the space. Enter: our desk light. Seen here:

 It's sooooooo brrrroooooowwwwwn. But, it's such a cool lamp. It has an industrial feel that I love.

Here's a better picture of the brown .... and the dust. Ew. No worries, I cleaned it before painting. So, the plan? To update that little lamp with some orange spray paint love. Chris' reaction? *Um, I thought you like brown?* Sigh. :) After a TON of tape - taping off all the non-brown sections -and a couple coats of spray paint, this little lamp has a whole new lease on life:

LOVE! It's so cheery. I was a little worried it would be TOO bright. But the lamp is small enough that the orange doesn't feel overwhelming. It just feels happy. :)

Detail of the lamp's hardware. And, of the fun details I had to tape off!

Seeing this *new* in the space has really given me a push to pull the rest of the room together. I'll be back Wednesday with a couple other DIY projects I've been working on for the space!

Hope you're all having a GREAT monday!


  1. Very nice! I love orange. It's a great way to bring energy into a room without being too obvious or bright!

  2. I LOVE the new color, looks so bright and fun and happy.


  3. What an amazing spray paint transformation! I LOVE the orange you chose. It looks like you could have paid $99 at West Elm for that lamp, but instead you used something you already had. Perfect!

  4. That is WAY cool! The color rocks, and the clip function offers so much more flexibility.

  5. Ohmygosh perfect! it looks right out of the CB2 catalog now! LOVE IT!

  6. 1) color is your friend.
    2) way more fun than before.
    3) I have a really similar lamp, but with a pedestal base instead of clip. And it's RED. And it makes me happy.
    4) Nice work with the taping. I get bored and it shows later....

  7. I don't know anyone else that would consider painting a lamp orange. Of course I painted my kitchen orange.

  8. Oh my! That looks fabulous--so very MCM--I love it :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I like it!! A little orange is bound to make anyone smile:)

  10. I love that you are using what you have, it gives us all great inspiration on transforming our own accessories!

  11. LOVE the lamp in orange! Great choice. And, I love that fabric. Very cheerful and fun.

  12. Ooh, I love it! I can see the room together. I like how you're guiding us through the process. A dorky request..I'd love to see how you tape off little parts on a lamp like this, like a photo of the taped off lamp. I'm always intimidated by paint projects that have a lot of little parts that need to be taped off.


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