{renovate} the house punch list

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Happy friday! I hope you've all had a great week!
I am honored to have been featured on a few lovely blogs this week. Involving Color, Pewter and Sage and Cottage and Vine all featured my back entry way, and I wanted to say both THANK YOU! AND, welcome to all my new readers! :) I hope you'll take some time to look and around. And say hi!

Last week Meredith, at Welcome to Heardmont, posted her house *punch list*. All the projects she and her husband would like to do to their current home. As I was reading it, I remembered that WE TOO have a punch list! And, why haven't I shared it here? Well friends, we made this list about two years ago while sitting in a coffee shop at the coast. I convinced Chris it would be good for us, and help us stay on track. Well, the list was SO HUGE that it actually did opposite. We were both so overwhelmed that we closed the list and haven't opened it since. HA! So, for kicks I opened it up of the other day and to my surprise, we've actually finished A LOT of what was on the list! It was fun to see how much progress we'd made -- especially since at the time we thought we'd never get this stuff done :).

A Home in the Making Punch List
A couple things: we'd already done A LOT to the house before we made this list. For instance, the garage list would've read: DESTROY AND START OVER. But, since we'd already done that, the list is much more manageable. Also, you'll notice, this list is mostly structure and not so much decorative. It's things we'd like to do before we put the house on the market. Whenever that might be.

- Install baseboard trim
- Install ceiling fixture
- Floor vent replacement
- Screw floors

- Replace counter top
- Replace sink
- Replace faucet
- Replace floor
- Nook light
- Abutt stove to wall
- Lights above sink
- Stove hood

- Remove carpet
- Refinish/paint hardwoods
- Replace light fixture
- Install baseboard trim
- Add shelves to hall closet (door on the right in the photo)

- Remove carpet
- Refinish/paint hardwoods
- Install baseboard trim
- Paint wall and ceiling
- Replace broken window
- Add electrical outlets
- Install closet light

- Install baseboard trim
- Screw floors
- Replace floor vent
- Add electrical outlets
- Install closet light

- Remove floor
- Remove walls

- Remove tub
- Install sheetrock
- Install tile
- Install sink
- Uh, total re-do <--------- FAVORITE part of this list ;)

- Sheetrock ceiling
- Demo electrics
- Sink plumbing into wall
- Replace floor
- Replace back door
- Install handrails (opted not to) 
- Paint walls and ceiling

- Install new door
- Install wallboards
- Prep and paint the walls 
- Rewire electrical
- Replace window screens
- Hang siding on outside walls

- Install handrail
- Architectural drawings
- Cut and install egress windows
- Move plumbing to landing
- Install kitchen/bar
- Re-do bathroom
- Build out bedroom

- Re-do soffets 
- Install new gutters 
- Landscape front and backyard 
GARAGE (of which I forgot to take a photo this morning! I'll update with a photo) 

- Install gutters
- Run 220 line
- Finish electrical
- Finish exterior trim 
- Finish paint 

Do you notice some trends here? There are a few MAJOR spaces we haven't tackled yet. We have some big plans for this fall/winter :). Also, we need to get an electrician out here STAT! HA! 

So, have you ever made a punch list for your home? Did it help your plans, or was it way to overwhelming??


  1. Your house is so adorable!!! The projects and items you have crossed off are HUGE and it looks so inviting and cozy:) Have enjoyed getting to see it all come along.

  2. Loving how much progress you guys have made already! Your house is looking so great. I bet it's a relief to be able to cross some of those really big items off the list!

    Glad you got the list back out and thanks for sharing. :)
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  3. I love your punch list! It motivates me to put mine online.. maybe I'll actually finish some things then!

  4. Excellent idea to post your punch list along with photos! What a great motivator....sometimes just the process of writing things down locks them into your brain. So, despite not looking at the list for a while, you should be so pleased with all of your wonderful accomplishments! Your place looks fantastic.

  5. Of all of your renovations, I love the back entry the most! I have a 4 page punch list, 2 columns per page...OY!

  6. Your home has a lot of character - i really like it. I love your hallway and your back entryway. LOVE that cornice that you did in the kitchen. We're in the same boat. We've done a lot but there are also some items that still need to be finished before we would put our house on the market (whenever that may be). It is fun to look back and find old lists to see what you've accomplished. You guys have done good.

  7. Look at all those things you've already crossed off your list! I can't wait to follow along with you guys this fall/winter :)


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