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This is wedding week at A Home In the Making, in celebration of our third anniversary. Wednesday I showed you all the planning that went into our wedding (you can read about it here). So, today I'm sure your wondering ... how did it all turn out? Let's take a look!

I forgot to mention our favors in the last post. They were simple brown boxes tied with raffia. Inside was a incredibly awesome truffle.Gold chargers, gold/bronze napkins, and brown table clothes created a great backdrop for the flowers.

And oh wow, were the flowers ever amazing. Seriously, the florist nailed my vision. Around the flowers there are million candles along with more flower petals, rocks, acorns, moss and other natural, organic materials that gave it the *rustic* I was looking for. 

This pic is sort of weird ... pic of a pic. But it shows a great view of the *tent* setting, all lit up.

And here is the table as it started getting dark. With the candles and the flowers it was so sparkly and beautiful.

I mentioned the flowers, right? I just could NOT get over how amazing they were. Seriously. Dahlias, lilies, roses, orchids, beautiful greens. 

Our wedding party was beautiful. The girls had brown dresses and smaller version of my bouquet. The guys were in tuxes with brown ties and vests. And the boutonnieres? Fiddle head ferns. SO. PERFECT. That handsome blonde? That's my brother :).

Want to see my dress?

Strapless, lace overlay at the top and at the bottom.

I never thought I was a veil girl until that veil. LOVE it. 

And guess what? It rained.

We made it through pictures, thank goodness. And we actually had set up a second tent so our guests wouldn't get wet, just in case. Again, thank goodness. It started sprinkling as the wedding party walked down the path, and it started full-on raining as my dad and I were walking. There was actually a collective gasp from the guests. It stopped when we reached the gazebo with the pastor. The whole thing was actually pretty amusing.

And really. How cute is she, holding the big umbrella. I died. She was rock star. I think this made the rain all worth it :).

And here's a couple of gratuitous shots of us. Friends, it was the perfect wedding. Everyone kept telling me before that I wouldn't remember any of it, it would all be a blur. I still can't get over how wrong they were. We had so much fun and I remember every detail. Every. Single. Detail. Chris and I still recount entire conversations we had with our guests. And to share how happy we were with all of our closest friends and family was just so perfect.

Of course, in planning a wedding, I learned a few things. And, thought I'd share, for anyone out there planning a wedding, or soon to be planning a wedding.
  • The one change I would've made was seating chart. Seating charts are not common in Oregon and I got talked out of it by my family because they thought it would be too formal. Wrong. As we went table-to-table saying hi to everyone, it struck me that the wrong people were sitting together. I think some of the guests would've had more fun if they'd been seated with their friends.
  • If you don't already have a day-of wedding coordinator, find one immediately. Even if it's just an organized friend. You do not want to be bossing people around on your wedding day, or worrying about if the florist arrived. A day-of coordinator lets you just relax and enjoy the festivities.

Sources (for you portland peeps who might be interested):
Photos: Holland Studios
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  1. Beautiful! Love everything--your dress, the flowers, the colors--it was a gorgeous wedding! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Stunning Jenn!!! And some sage advice learned from the day. It's wonderful to have such vivid and lovely memories of a meaningful day!

  3. You are right about those flowers - they are beautiful!!!! It's so fun to look back on such an exciting day and to have such vivid memories of it all. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Your flowers are absolutely spectacular! They are just the right mix of fall and feminine/delicate! I also agree with your tip of finding a day-of coordinator - wish I would have!

  5. These pictures are all beautiful! I love the colors that you used, and your flowers are GORGEOUS!

  6. Your wedding was beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. It looks like your vision came through perfectly. We eloped and our coming up on a big anniversary next year and this only fuels my wanting to renew our vows with a ceremony. I think I would be a veil kinda girl :)

  7. You advice is so helpful! Thank you for sharing it. Your wedding sounds like it was so perfect and just what you wanted. Hooray. Happy Anniversary.


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