{renovate} hallway lighting

Happy Halloween friends! Since I'm kind of a big Halloween scrooge (aka, I just don't care!), we're going to talk about lights today. Specifically, our hallway light. 

We made one more change over the weekend to our newly striped hallway, and it's made an amazing difference .... both how the space looks and the amount of light.

This was our oh-so-lovely existing light.

Maybe it's fine (?), but knock-off Tiffany lights aren't really my style. Not to mention the fully-opaque glass shined very, very little light. It wasn't even worth turning on, which made for a pretty creep hallway when guests were over.

Enter this lovely lady. We found her at Portland Rebuilding Center. I love her pretty glass shade and shiny base.

I also love how much light she shines. Guests won't have to feel their way to the bathroom anymore! :)

I think the new light finishes off the space nicely. What room doesn't benefit from fresh paint a little bling? :)

Did you do any quick fixes/updates to your abode this weekend? 
I hope you all have a great day!


  1. So pretty! I'm dreaming of lighting for our old house, too. Sadly, not to replace ugly ones, but to have actual lights instead of bare wires in the ceiling, lol. Great find though, it's a lovely touch!

  2. I have kids and even I did not post about Halloween today! Love this bit of bling in your hallway, a great improvement!

  3. Nice! It looks great in the hall!

    I actually went spray paint crazy yesterday for the pinterest challenge. Are you participating?

    Myers Maison

  4. I've never been a big Halloween fan either - we're in the same boat. Hence why I posted fabrics today - great minds thing alike. I love your new light fixture - a really great update. Have a great night!

  5. i'm crazy about the colour of your hallway! what is it?

    also, what is that awesome looking thing leaning up against the wall, the things with the circles on it? watch that be the stupidest question ever, lol.

  6. Thanks all! :)

    Ashlee, it's Miller Paint's Divine Reef, same as my living room.

    And, don't worry, that thing is completely not obvious. It's a dashboard panel from my husband's vintage car obsession. When I need a cool *found* object, I raid our garage :)

  7. Jenn, the new light is so pretty! Waay better. We had a fake Tiffany chandelier in our kitchen when we moved in and that was the first thing to go! I'm not really into Halloween either.

    Looove the new pillow in your living room - great palette, really cool pattern. I'm slightly obsessed with pillows too and haven't got a new one since last Christmas. Means it might be time to upgrade;) Love all the stuff in Jane's shop!

  8. What I like the most ?????
    COLOR awesome......Its great,lovely touch. thanks.

  9. i wish I could have had that glass, would have used it as a decorative bowl or plant pot.


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