{renovate} shang-hai ... revisited

Friends. Remember last year when my husband came home from a swap meet with the biggest-sign-ever-made and it sat in our backyard from MONTHS (read more about that here)?

And remember when I gave that sign a fighting chance and we tried to hang it on the ONE wall on our ENTIRE property that it fit? But it didn't actually fit, it was just completely overwhelming (read more about that here)?

Yeah, we sold that sign. But I'm back for part two of the story. You didn't know there would be a part two, did you? Yeah. I didn't either. But, my husband went to the same swap meet this year and once again, came home with a sign. I should've seen it coming :).

We're now the proud owners of this sign:

Which, I have to admit is not only MUCH smaller .... but much better. It's quirky and fun and actually pretty rare. We're not sure if we're going to keep it, or if we do keep it for how long. But, I'm leaning towards enjoying it for the summer. I like the owl :). I'll let you guys know where it ends up finding a home.

So tell me guys ... what does your husband/wife/partner/s.o. regularly "surprise" you with? Is there someplace they go and always ending coming home with something?? :)


  1. cute sign! I'm the one who always comes home with junk that we have no where to put. My husband just looks at me and shakes his head. But it always seems to work out--I've gotten some pretty cool stuff over the years. So I think he trusts me now;) Can't wait to see where you put your new sign!

  2. I can totally see that sign hanging up in your house somewhere.

  3. I didn't know about your blog during the shanghai phase but I'm sad to hear it didn't work! The little Wise owl is such a perfect replacement though!

  4. Wow, the shanghai sign was huge. I can see why you couldn't find a place for it. The wise potato chip sign is really cute and fun, I know you'll have success placing this one :).


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