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Hello friends! Did you all have a great weekend? We spent a lovely weekend at the coast with friends. I NEVER get sick of spending time there. It's so relaxing.

Do you want to see a project that just didn't work out? It's fun to see that not everything is perfect, don't you think? 

This spring, when I linked up to the Jane's red neck link party, I showed you a glimpse of our Shanghai sign and shared the story of how we came to have a HUGE shanghai sign in the first place. In our backyard, none-the-less (if you haven't read the story, you want to. It's a good one :).

Even though I wasn't all that happy when my husband showed up at home with a 14-foot fluorescent sign, I quickly decided it might look cool in our back porch. We're in the middle of updating it and were looking for cool, funky artwork. And, while maybe not cool, the shanghai sign is definitely funky. 

After a few measurements, we determined that the ONLY spot in our entire house the sign would fit was along the back wall of the back porch.

It took a couple months, but Chris finally had some extra time last week to hang it. And friends, it is enormous.

I think part of the problem is that not only is the sign long, but it's also really deep. A foot and a half deep, to be exact. So it protrudes off the wall in a really overwhelming way. The other part of the problem, and one I was worried about before we did this, it that is covers the window. It's not a window we really use, obviously, but it's still awkward because it's a window.

But the main issue is that we're creating a room that is a very light, a little rustic, charming and cozy. The Shanghai sign completely destroyed all of the atmosphere and screamed SHANGHAI right when you walked in the door. I was immediately against it. Chris thought he liked it. So we decided to think about it when we were out of town this weekend. Sunday morning, the first thing Chris said to me was, "we have to take that sign down. It's too big." Good husband :).

It came down first thing when we returned home last night. 

You guys have been so incredibly patient about our porch update/renovations. We aren't done. But, I'll give you a formal update later this week/next week. It's looking good friends :).

Have you guys ever had a major difference of opinions with your s.o. about decor? How did you solve it? Did you ever have something you were sure you'd love it a space, only to have it fall completely flat?


  1. How fun (and funny)! I love the Shanghai sign and I think it's such a conversation piece, but your hubs made the right call :) It's so hard to crush their dreams, but good thing he came around. Now what are you going to do with it? Perhaps in a basement if you have a basement? We are very patient because we all know how long it takes to actually finish a project. Have a good night!

  2. Thanks for sharing an imperfect project! You inspired me to share a piece of canvas art that didn't come out quite as I had hoped it would! It's just part of life sometimes. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the real story behind a project that just didn't work out. Sometimes all the chippy cherry perfection in the blogosphere can be a little overwhelming. In real life, sometimes things just don't work out. I love the sign, hope you find just the right place for it. Any chance one of your life's dreams is opening up a Chinese restaurant because that would rock a big brick wall in a restaurant space. Haa-haa. Looking forward to more of your project, but don't feel any pressure from us to rush through. We know everyone has lives & responsibilities too. Best, K.

  4. I have to agree that it is nice to hear that things don't always go as perfectly as planned. It is just as inspiring to see the things that don't work out in my opinion. I know your outdoor space will come out beautifully. So what will become of the ol Shanghai? My husband has no opinion on what our space should look like - which is also a bit frustrating since I have decorating ADD.

  5. Love that sign, but agree it might be a bit too much for that room:). Hard call, but the right one!

  6. Oh... I hate when that happens! I love your sign, but if your gut is telling you no, then you're right to go with it!
    That happens to me a lot... sometimes things go differently in our heads!

  7. Oh... I hate when that happens! I love your sign, but if your gut is telling you no, then you're right to go with it!
    That happens to me a lot... sometimes things go differently in our heads!

  8. Aww fooey! It's okay, when things don't work out it's usually because something else better is on the horizon :)

    Myers Maison

  9. Oh man, it's too bad it didn't work out, although I found it much more humorous when it was just sitting in your back yard! :) Just kidding.

    That's a darn big sign, so I have to agree it may not be "meant to be" in that space, esp. if you're going for light and airy!

    We have disagreements regularly, but only about decor - go figure! And because they're about decor, they're never huge disagreements. I just sulk for a little bit and then (oh, how i hate to admit this) usually end up agreeing with Ryan.

  10. Love your story! Is there any way you could take the letters off the sign and hang them differently? Or make a new word? Like 'sing' or something?


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