{inspired} copper accents

Friends, have you ever noticed how amazingly gorgeous copper is? Seriously. I was on a gold kick for quite awhile, but then, well, we went and installed a copper countertop. Have I mentioned that? No. Well, I'll be showing it to you next week. Chris fought tooth and nail for it, and I'm SO glad he did, because I'm now a firm advocate of copper. Wow. 

In that spirit, I thought maybe you'd like to end the week with some gorgeous copper eye-candy. See how gorgeous it can be in a room?

I think a little can go along way and even adding just an accent in a room would be beautiful. Here's are some accessories I've run across lately that I'm drooling over:

clockwise: pendants, lantern,   stone+copper cooker,  lamp, vintage molds, pitchers

What do you think? Do you have copper in your home? Would you add it as an accent? I hope you have fantastic weekend friends!


  1. I have a collection of copper vessels that was my Mom's. I love it but have to find a new way to display it because it feels stodgy. Your copper counter sounds amazing, waiting with baited breath to see.....!

  2. I've been on the copper bandwagon since before there was a bandwagon. :o)
    I've got copper pipe curtain rods and copper pieces on display.
    I can't WAIT to see the counters!!!!!!!

  3. I love copper, especially in the kitchen. I found some great copper molds (similar to the fish but in squares and ovals) and they hang over my sink now. It really sets off the kitchen. And what is more fun you can go modern or vintage with copper and still have fun either way.

    I can't wait to see the counter top. I bet it is gorgeous.

  4. Oh, I cannot wait to see that kitchen!!!!!!!

  5. I can't wait to see your counter top! The sneak peak on instagram is gorgeous. Matt just pulled out some old copper pipe during our remodel and tried to throw it away! Its too little for us to use but someone else will, the least we can do is put it in the recycle bin :)


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