{create} a colorful thanksgiving table

First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments about my kitchen! We're getting there and it's been so much fun to share the process with all of you.

That said, I'm sick of working on my kitchen! I've been in such a creative funk the last few months -- there's been tons of change in our lives and with all the kitchen work, well? A little funky :). But that all changed this weekend. I had a tiny spark of creativity - that I hope is here to stay - in the form of a Thanksgiving table! Clearly, we're not hosting Thanksgiving again this year, but I still wanted to play around with how I would set a table if we were. The bonus? Chris and I've eaten at the table a couple times since, which is a really nice change from the couch. (I know, I know. All excuses point to the kitchen remodel ;).

My inspiration was the blue, citron, gold and wood color scheme that I posted about last week. From there I set about layering textures and colors to create a table that is simple, but special, warm and inviting.

 I love the citron stripes with the gold and white.

And, that herringbone is one of my most favorite fabrics ever.

Because the color scheme isn't exactly "traditional," I created a simple centerpiece filled with seasonally appropriate pears and acorns :).

I also whipped up that sweet little tray that contains the centerpiece. See, I told you I was feeling creative! I'll post a tutorial soon.

And speaking of crafty, I also made the colorful salad plates. I LOVE that our dishes are a beautiful, simple cream color, but sometimes I just want a little extra oomph on the table. I wanted to create salad plates that were colorful, botanical and a little funky. Tutorial on this coming up soon too! :)

This whole exercise makes me want to host Thanksgiving again. But, I have a feeling once the kitchen is done we'll be hosting a lot of dinners :).


  1. Looks like your creative funk has come to a screeching halt Jenn...that tablescape is just stunning! Looking forward to your tutorials. My creativity has run amok lately, it is all over my dining room table and I AM hosting Thanksgiving! Better go finish a few things and clean up the mess....

  2. Say what? You made a tray and salad plates?! Killer!! This tablescape is beautiful!!! So glad to see these unexpected Thanksgiving colors. Never would have expected to see that Ikat in there, but it works perfectly!! I can't wait to hear more about this project!! The details and layering are so pretty!!!!

    And I didn't get to comment on your most recent kitchen post before you posted this - but, those copper counter tops?! LOVE!! So charming and original! Way to go on trusting the hubster on that one!!! The pendants lights are gorgeous too and are really making me antsy to switch out are boring lights to more unique ones. The kitchen is seriously turning out to be so wonderful, Jenn!!!

  3. Love it! So festive but with an updated vibe to it. Super fun. I'm in a semi-creative mood these days too and have some projects up my sleeve. Must be the season;) Oh and the kitchen is lookin' good!!

  4. I love your table!! I can't wait to see the tutorials! Especially the salad plates! Those are beautiful!!

  5. I love this! The mixture of patterns is great and the colors are beautiful. Loving your diy elements...looking forward to the tutorials!

  6. Okay, you have me sold on this (well, pretty much everything you do to your cute home!). I'm doing this for Thanksgiving.

  7. Beautiful. I love your color and pattern scheme. Well done as always!

  8. I really love that herringbone print fabric too - you did a great job with this Jenn. You need to start getting into party styling/planning - you do such a nice job with tablescapes.

  9. I just bought some of the fabric you used as a table runner to make a pillow case, but seeing it in your tablescape makes me want use it for napkins (since I don't have enough for a runner)!


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