{inspired} artist Amy Ruppel

I am so so so excited to be sharing with you the latest addition to my tiny art collection:
You should know this about me ... I love Oregon. I just think it's the greatest place to live and so I'm always drawn to cool Oregon artwork. That's how I discovered Amy Ruppel, also a Portland girl. I ran across this print, somewhere online, and knew I needed it in my house. And, like a crazy person I bookmarked the site and decided to *think about it*. Did I mention it was limited addition? Yes, crazy. So, when I finally set out to create the art wall in my living room, I went back to buy it. Sold. Out.
I've been hoping since then that she'd release more. A couple weeks ago she posted on twitter that she released a second run! Friends, it didn't take me more than 5 minutes to complete that transaction. I wasn't letting this get away again.
And I love it. This picture is sooooo Oregon. The green, the trees. It makes me smile each time I look at it. I'm rotating it around my house now looking for a permanent home.
Don't sharing my dying devotion to Oregon? First, you clearly have never visited then ;). Second, Amy has also created this wonderful U.S. print called This Land is Your Land. It benefits the American Forest organization. 
Amy's Etsy store is also worth taking a few minutes to peruse. There's so much goodness there. I love this alphabet print. So perfect for a nursery! 
I also love her giclee prints. Giclee is such an interesting and cool medium anyway, and I love seeing what new images Amy has produced. This is my current favorite.

Visit Amy's website or Etsy store to check out more of her amazing creations!

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Loving your blog, and loving your new artwork!


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