{inspire} Organized Around the Web

This week has been a long week of crazy (and admitedly pretty funny) mishaps. I've dropped nearly everything I've touched. I nearly ruined my cell headset with water. And to top off the week, I took a bunch of pictures last night for today's post, only to realize that I have no way to get the pictures off my new camera. Minor. Details. So the fun organizing DIY project I was planning to share with you today will actually debut on Monday. Instead, I'm rounding up a few of the DIY projects I've spotted around the web this week that are particularly impressive and inspirational. I love seeing how other people organize. You all have SUCH GREAT IDEAS!

Jewerly Organizer
Jane at the Borrowed Abode has been redoing her studio featured a fantastic jewelry organizer!  Hop on over for the other awesome studio DIYs she's featured this week.

I Heart Organizing showcased all the great storage containers she uses, and how to best use them. This post is should be bookmarked by all.

Organized {Gorgeous} Pantry
Honey We're Home has featured organizational guest bloggers all week. By far my favorite though, is House of Smiths pantry makeover. Gorgeous!  LOVE the wall vinyl.

Paper Maiche Tray
Trays are a great and stylish catch-all. I, for one, do not have enough in our house. I will be making this Paper Mache Tray that Jenny at Little Green Notebook featured this week. Beautiful.

Organized Linen Closet
Jennifer at Peas and Crayons went after her linen closet this week ... and the after is so clean and inspiring!

Organized CDs
This post isn't new, but Nicole featured it in her 2010 round-up and I was reminded what a practical storage solution she came up with for CDs.

What organizational projects are you tackling this weekend? Or, have any projects caught your eye this week? Please share!

And, have a great weekend friends!


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad week! I hope the weekend gets better for you!!!

  2. I think it's time to tackle my clothes closet. Get rid of all those things I haven't worn in ages. It's crammed tight in there. (Mind you, my closet is very tiny by today's standards!)

  3. awwwwww poor butterfingers!!! <3 I tease I tease <3

    I hope this weekend rocks your socks!!! and to give you some insight into what happened when I read this post, it went a little like this

    love it! love it! love it! love it! "OMG THAT'S MY BLOG! PAUL!!!! LOOK!!!!!"

    True story. I flipping love you!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. wow you organize things well. I'm so jealous ahha

  5. Loving the pantry! What pretty wallpaper there is in there!

  6. Those baskets are freaking adorable! Love them! I have totally been on an organizing frenzy this whole week!

  7. I love the background of this pantry!
    I am totally in the organizing mood...It does feel soooo good!

  8. The jewelry organizer is so lovely. Tis the perfect season to organize! We need to tackle DVDs and CDs first... I dread!

  9. allo darling! Good to be back; i wasn't even reading much over the holidays so it's a treat to have all my fav blogs have a plethora of post just waiting for me... mmmm :)

    I'm gonna havta come back to this post again later this week as motivation: we need some serious organizing around here ...and I'd be lying if I said I already took my tree down. Post Christmas-cleanup FAIL! :P

    I made a jewelry holder similar to Jane's last year; I'll havta get pics of it online sometime.

    Stay in touch; let's party-on in 2011! xo

  10. Jenn,

    I'm so inspired by your organization posts. I just sad down to take a few minutes break from organizing all my craft supplies into a dresser I used to use for clothing. Whew. I'm exhausted. But your posts encouraged me to keep going. I'm living in a small apartment and it's a trick to find a home for everything and keep things organized. Thanks for inspiring me that it can and will be done! (In a few minutes....after a bit more resting.)


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