{inspired} Stylist Emily Henson

A couple weeks ago Oh Joy did a quick feature about Emily Henson. I was immediately intrigued (I mean, come on, she styled for Anthro. Dream. Job.), so I clicked over to check out her portfolio. Her style is amazing friends. Colorful, playful and upbeat, it's great inspiration during the gloomy days of winter. And great inspiration for this girl who tends to shy away from too much color.

I love the all white interior with generous bursts of color. I want to have a tea party here. And wear a cute dress. Obviously.

Love, love, love this combo of pink and turquoise. Super girly, yet super chic.

I would sleep here. In a second! Can you imagine falling asleep looking at those branches? I'm sure it sparks some amazing dreams.

Her style, and generous use of color, reminds me of some other interiors I've eyed recently on Pinterest (by the way, where have I been? I've had an account for ages, but just recently clued in to this ah-maz-ing resource!).

Oh Dee Doh

Although I always find myself craving color this time of year, this year I want to act on the impulse. I find myself scanning my house thinking: what can I paint red?! What colors do you lean toward in the winter? How do you deal with the winter dreariness?

You can check out Emily Henson's portfolio here.
She also has a fun blog! Here.


  1. I have a few of these in my inspiration folder too! =) Love it! <3

    Hope monday was good to you!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. When I see all these great rooms, it makes me with I could have 10 different houses all with different...feels. Maybe one that is a beach feel. One that is vintage. One that is funky and artistic. One that is peaceful. One that is cottage-y. Why couldn't I have been born into a rich family??
    Thanks for sharing all of your fantastic inspirations!

  3. I soooo love this!!! The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Gosh, can spring come already!?!?! I mean, please invite me to your tea party when you get down to painting some furniture white with fabulous teal knobs!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  4. That first room made me squeal with delight, I LOVE white rooms that have bursts of color. Tea party and cute dress, yes and yes :) The color combo in the last picture is so pretty.

  5. So pretty and fun. I am totally scared of color too. What is with that? I need to get over it! :)

  6. Red! Decorate like crazy with it for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Such a warm happy color. This year I've also been using turquiose, orange and brown.

  7. I love the colourful chic, lovely!

  8. I adore that room from Oh Dee Doh! I love pops of blue in the winter!

  9. The room with the white couch and colorful pillows is stunning.


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