{create} home mood boards

Very few things make me more crazy than when I fall in love with a piece of furniture, but can't buy it because I'm not sure if we have room for it. Or, when I'm paralyzed by the fear of poorly coordinated fabric at the fabric store. Does this happen to anyone else? For the last couple years I've been wanting to create a comprehensive resource of our home decorating/renovating. I know notebooks are popular when you're renovating a room, but those projects are usually on time lines. We're not on a time line, and I don't want to lug around a notebook. 

My solution? I created a mood board booklet.

It's a collection of paint and fabric samples that fits into any of my bags.  I wish I'd done this a long, long time ago friends. And, it was actually really fun to put together. Let me show you how.

I think most people wouldn't even need to go to the store for this project. I'm not even sure why we don't have index cards or glue in the house. But we do now! (Anyone need index cards?!) So, I started with 4" x 6" index cards. The 3" x 5" are just too small to fit a good color and fabric sample.

Then I gathered up all our paint samples, fabric samples, and measurements for spaces we need to fill.

After that it was just gluing and labeling.

Now, I did run into a couple of issues during the process. The first is we have a living room rug that I can't carry around. (The sample alone is 2' x 2'!) So instead, I added a fabric sample that features the rug colors (above). It's not perfect, but it's a lot closer than me trying to guess.

The kitchen. Lots of room for new fabrics!

The second issue I ran into is that our duvet has a crazy (awesome) orange color. I don't have a fabric sample, but it's one of *those* colors that paralyzes me at fabric stores. So, I took a pillow case to the paint store and picked out a color swatch that matches the color perfectly. Problem solved!

I also added extra pages to the back so as we decorate/renovate the booklet can grow. This project was so easy (and so fun!) and I know will save me so many hours of indecision and so much money from buying fabric/furniture that won't work. In fact, this little booklet has already been to a fabric store with me, and it was a huge help. The great part is that it works for both renters and home owners. We all have spaces we need to fill and decorate, and we're all busy. I love how little projects like this can save so much time.

January has been a great month!* Thanks so much for reading along! I am excited to share with you the other projects we've been tackling in the last couple weeks though. Hint: there a room remodel involved!

So, tell me, what's your fabric/furniture shopping style? Do you carry *the notebook*, or just wing it when you get to the store? 

Happy friday friends! Hope you have a great weekend!

*In case you missed it, I spent the month of January taking control of my *style*. First I organized our basement and kitchen. Next, I read a book that really inspired me, I took a look through my inspiration files, and I defined a house color palette. Lastly, I took a hard look at what needed to change in our house to create a cohesive style.


  1. such a good idea. Believe it or not my mom does the same thing!

  2. So are all the pages cards then? Such a good idea! I really need to do this for our house.

  3. That is such a good idea, I may just have to copy it.

  4. OMG! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! You are so smart!!

    I am a renter. My hunny painted one wall in our living room yellow harlequin. Its bold, to say the least. Finding things to coordinate and tone down that wall has been fun. I don't carry a notebook. I just wing it. Our living room is yellow, aqua, black, white and gray. Kind of modern, but I'm a bit girlie and I like my "Granny Chic". Some people may think our apartment is crazy, but it works good for us.

    I'm totally making one of those files for my wedding planning! Thanks for the idea!!

  5. Love your mood board booklet!! So when will I get mine? ;)

  6. Awesome idea, I think I may need to do this!! I also love that it is small enough to fit into any bag that way you can always have it handy.

  7. You are rocking my world right now! This is PERFECT!!!! I always wished there was a way to make decorating a new house easier and this is for sure it!!!!

    Thank you x1000001 for sharing this! I'm totally making one! ahhh my future new first home is going to love you for this!

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

    Happy Friday! <3

  8. Glad you like the idea guys! :) And Heather, yes, the pages are all index cards.

  9. Well if my last comment (on your color palette post) was step 1, this would be step 2 for me as well! Thanks for the tips and for posting this. It's really inspired me to get myself in gear and get organized!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  10. Great idea! I think I'm going to make these for clients to keep. I used to do this for my clothes to use when shopping, but talk about a lot of work! You might also take a few pictures to add in as well as room measurements. Thanks for sharing!

  11. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing...this definitely would have come in handy this summer when I was redecorating our bedroom.

    I resorted to carrying around the bag our duvet cover came in (from Urban Outfitters) with me to match the colors in the design :)

    Thanks again for sharing and have a great weekend!

  12. What a great idea! Have a great weekend!

  13. You are such a clever little minx! I always 'wing it' for my own space (but I admit bringing along swatches for client projects).


  14. Great idea! I'm not quite as organized but I do carry around a lot of paint samples in my purse. You never know when you see something that might work.

  15. I've been meaning to ask -- how did you get all your fabric samples? I dont know how to match my furniture and drapery and such on my little notecards. Speaking of which, I need to add "STOCK UP ON PAINT CHIPS" to my to do list =) fun fun!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    ps: kobucha fries are my favorite so far -- I'm certain that is the ONLY way to eat it! =) haha

  16. um, yessuh! i totally get paralyzed too when faced with miles and mountains of fabric choices or furniture selects. it can be very overwhelming, you're right jenn.

    love your mood board booklet, what a lovely design you created. great job!

    i haven't actually complied a notebook but do have many folders of insp on the computer. when shopping for a particular room i always carry a few clear photos of the room so i can properly envision anything new in it. happy monday lovely!!! ♥

  17. Jenn! moodboards were my favorite in college...and these are the old fashioned kind that I remember-xo

  18. I love this idea! I need to do it with all my scraps of fabric and paint, etc. Sweet!


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