{inspired} festive garlands

Are we (as in the collective blog world, *WE*) over bunting/garlands? This post was supposed to go up yesterday (do Monday holidays throw anyone else off??). Then this morning, Jenny at Little Green Notebook started an interesting discussion that ties in perfectly with this subject: is the blog world overexposed to design? I think: YES! We see the same ideas on each blog and after a couple posts we're over it. 

I enjoy reading blogs for inspiration and how much I learn with each new post. I love seeing other people's perspectives, ideas, and loves. But, I have trouble with all the trends that run through the blogs because I am not a fast decorator. I see ideas, I let them marinate, and then eventually I decide if this is something I'd like to incorporate into my home or not. The result? A well-curated home filled with what I love, not necessarily things that are *in style*.

And this brings me to bunting and garlands. I haven't seen them around much recently, so I'm guessing the blog world has moved on. I'm not ready to though. In our home I look for ways to incorporate unexpected, light hearted and festive details. Garlands and bunting are just .... fun! They're associated with parties and festivities, and why wouldn't you want to your everyday life to be reminiscent of a great party??

Every time I see a garland sneak it's way into a photo, it makes me smile. There are so many ways to personalize the garland: a garland of photos? Yes, please!

A small garland add such a whimsical and happy detail to a room.

I would love hanging out in this backyard. What a great way to dress up an otherwise very boring fence.

Garlands are also a great way to display memorabilia near and dear to your heart. In the right setting, garlands are really a little bling for your rooms. The sparkly earrings for your little black dress. 

This week I'm going to show you give you details about how to make a couple different garlands: one for your home and one for your parties. They're both super fun and incredibly easy diy's. 

Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. "Are we (as in the collective blog world, *WE*) over bunting/garlands?" NO. You know what I am totally over, though? Three-month-long home decorating trends. I think buntings and garlands are here to stay--a new classic. Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    I am not over bunting/garlands if for no other reason than I have a project planned with all of the response cards from our wedding that involves bunting :)

    Hope you are having a great Wednesday morning!

  3. Love the garland. i was thinking about making one for Valentine's day but I never got around to it. Maybe Easter?

  4. Sarah, SO WELL PUT. I'm incredibly over three month trends :)

  5. KT -- ooh, I want to see you response cards ... super cute!
    Ashly -- a Easter garland would be adorable!

  6. K first of all I totally agree with you! Ideas get so saturated in the blog world that I get bored of them by week's end because everyone jumps on the trend and then ditches it just as quickly. I am like you!

    I LOVE garlands and we used to have the cutest greeting card garland in our old house that I have been wanting to replicate. Can't wait to see your projects!

  7. I love that one above the fireplace with the pictures. Reminds me of how I decorated my dorm room. Sans fireplace naturally.

  8. I am convinced; garlands make the world a better place.

  9. Hey I agree. I love garlands and the making has only just begun. A few days ago I whipped up some mini garlands for my daughters' fairy houses...they loved them and they were so fun to make!!


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