{create} DIY Button Art

I feel like it's been forever since I shared a crafty-fun project with you all! So today we're going to talk about creating art out of vintage buttons. 

Last summer Chris and I picked up some buttons from a vintage shop. See, Chris' best friend is a dentist. So these buttons are kinda perfect. Then his bf went and bought a gorgeous new house equipped with a gorgeous new home office. So Chris asked me to frame these as a house warming gift, with the home office in mind. As you all know, I do have 45 empty frames waiting to be filled. So this project was not only amazingly inexpensive, but a really easy, big impact project. I like those.

Top left: Grab a frame.What, you don't hoard frames like we do? That's okay. Frames abound at second hand stores. With a little paint they look amazing. Top right: Cut a piece of batting the same size as the frame in the cardboard. You want a little extra padding for the buttons. Next, choose a fabric. For this frame, a neutral muslin looked the best. Cut large enough to wrap around the batting and cardboard. Bottom left: I found the easiest way to secure the fabric was with tape. Bottom right: Wrap the fabric like it's a gift. See above.

Last, put your fabric covered cardboard back in the frame and attach the buttons. Attaching the buttons was actually the hardest part. I wanted them to not only be centered, but also line up. It took a few tries :).

Once you've conquered the buttons, you have a great piece of custom art.

Next up is framing the vintage button I picked out for us. How CUTE is this!?

I hope you're all doing well! Thanks so much for stopping by today. And tell me, what kinds of crafty goodness have you guys been up to this week? 


  1. What a super-cute housewarming gift! =) love it!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. That is soo cute! I haven't done any fun DIY projects in a while and keep seeing cute one (like yours!) all of the blogosphere...I need to get crackin' :)

  3. That button is adorable. And perfect for you guys.

  4. This is a seriously cute idea! I have some old JFK buttons from when my Dad worked on his campaign way back when this would be such a fun way to showcase them!

  5. I love the project. I felt the same way so yesterday during my snow day I frosted some jars!!!

  6. @Heather, those buttons would be PERFECT for this project!
    @Ashly, your jars are so cute! :)

    Thanks ladies!

  7. I have all my dad's buttons from when he ran in two of the Olympic torch relays. I bet he would love them displayed in his office somehow- this is the perfect project!

    You are so creative, I love the artwork!! :)


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