{inspired} new art!

Don't you just love happy, sweet surprises? I've been putting off telling you what my husband bought me for Christmas (remember that holiday a couple months ago?!), because I wanted to get it hung first. Yep, it's new art! But, first the back story. You might remember that in December I went to Crafty Wonderland here in Portland. And I bought a whole bunch of amazing hand made gifts and decor. At the end of my wrap up post, I mentioned that I'd seen an adorable type writer print and hemmed and hawed and then left without making it back to the booth. Of course I thought about it later and really wanted it, but couldn't find it online!

Well, my completely fantastic husband called the artist, Jigsaw Graphics, and arranged to go pick one up from her house (a huge perk of buying locally!)!

I was so surprised when I opened *the one that got away!* Isn't it adorable? It came framed with that bright and cheery fabric mat.

While I was hanging, I took a moment to refresh our has-been-empty-since-Christmas mantle. I'm still not quite sure what to do with it. Maybe an afternoon of Shelf Styling 101 is in order again?

I also wanted to share this little card with you all, because it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen. I found this set of 12 cards in a very small stationary shop in Boston a few years ago. They were in the window display and I immediately went and bought a box. I love Florence, and this dress silhouette is just beautiful. When I got home from Boston I was kicking myself for not buying more because I couldn't find them anywhere online and LOVE them. (Do you see a theme in this post?! Or at least an insight into how my brain works! :) But, I really like it framed. And maybe since I have a *forever* version now, I can move on and actually use the note cards for their intended purpose. Which I'm pretty sure was not sitting on my desk collecting dust.

Aren't begonia leaves gorgeous?! So dramatic!

So there's my updated mantle and artwork. Do you love the artwork? Want to check out more amazing letterpress? You can visit their site here. Want to purchase this amazing piece specifically? Shoot an email here.


  1. Ummmm how adorable is your man first of all! LOVE HIM!

    That print is so cute and the matting is freaking lovely! I am so copying that idea.

    So let's talk about that cute little garland thingy you got goin on...can we see a closeup and hear the story of that or did I miss something?

  2. Gorgeous print and mantle-scape (if that's even a word)!

    What a thoughtful hubby you have :)

  3. Oh, I love this - and how sweet of him to do that!
    I also really like your mantle swag.

  4. hey jenn. you hardly need a lesson in mantle decor, this is beautiful! framing cards it where it's at. good job!

  5. Your mantle is SO beautiful! The artwork is beautiful, and I love all of your vintage touches. Especially the typewriter print. It is just perfect.

    Also, for the record, I laughed and laughed when I read your comment about the toilet paper rolls. I started crying I was laughing so hard. The "What do you DO with them" part...It made me picture myself being an official toilet paper tube collector..."This one is from a Charmin, circa 2008". Just sitting in my closet because I like the aesthetics. :) I use them at the YMCA for things like Penguins or Kaladiscopes or you can make these cool flowers out of them. The kids go nuts for them. So I save all I can get. I do the same with egg cartons

    I love your blog, by the way. You have such a cute style that I wish I had.

  6. I love love love those glass bottles. They look like old milk bottles to me, but I have no clue. Where did you get those??

    And P.S. your mantel rocks. I love your set up and that print is way to fun.

    Can your hubby teach our hubbies some things? It's always those little things that pick up on that make them great!

  7. This is beautiful and inspiring!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It's lovely to see where this typewriter has landed!

  8. Don't you love when boys do things like that!? So sweet; reminds us why we put up with smelly socks and video games :P

    i LOVE the milk bottles and I'm digging the simplicity of the mantle too; nice for winter... ohhh and i just noticed the candles in the opening! i would love to see that all lit up! So cozy :)

  9. Hi! Love your mantle, mine is more....um...cluttered i suppose you could say, but everything has a little story behind :) Oh and LOVE the typewriter pic x

  10. love new art! what a wonderful gift (and how he tracked it down impresses me so), i'm loving it and the fact you waited till it was all hung to post about this fabness.

    your mantle could be featured in a magazine, in fact your whole diy'ed up home could. everything you touch turns to design gold for reals!!! ♥

  11. Oh wow, the dress silhouette is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thks for sharing! Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.


  12. So lovely. Your hubs is a keeper.

    And also, you should totally send pictures of your house for a design*sponge home tour!



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