{create} the writing on the mirror

Are you all ready for a today's Pinterest challenge? You can see my project, plus all the others at Young House Love, Bower Power and House of Earnest.

I am so excited to see what you've all linked up! For the last Pinterest challenge I went dramatic with my dining room chandelier. This time I kept it a lot simpler. We were just crazy busy this weekend. So, I used this challenge as a motivation to finish up a simple project that I've just been putting off.

The inspiration for my project was the photo above. Specifically that mirror (although I'd take that couch in a heartbeat). I pinned it months and months ago and knew immediately I needed that on my mantel.  So of course, I set out to find the perfect mirror, which I did find and blogged about here.
For some reason I never finished the project. You know, the part which actually made the mirror amazing.

This weekend I set about remedying that ... with a gold paint pen. I wish all remedies were this glamorous.

Instead of stamps, like the inspiration photo, I used my handwriting because .... well, because I really like my handwriting. It's a little funky, yet still legible.  I chose a gold paint pen instead of black because it's a little subtler, but also because I'm loving gold right now. I'm actually trying to figure out how else to add gold to this room! 

So what does the mirror say?

You can stay the same, not lose anything, but never know what there was to be gained. Or you can risk, guaranteeing some loss, and yet gain more than you knew was possible.” 

I originally posted that quote here, when I told you all about my new job. It's turned into the theme for our year. But it would be great to change the quote out each year. Or even as necessary. It's nice to have a beautiful reminder of important things :).

I think what I ended up loving most about this project is the gold paint. It adds a lovely sparkle to the room (and shows up better in person than in the photos).
Have you guys painted anything gold lately? :)

As for the Pinterest challenge, I'm also submitting my striped hallway. Because if you look at my Pinterest boards, you'll see that that project came directly from there. I just happened to post about it a week too early! :)


  1. What a fun idea!! I just purchased some wallpaper from Ferm Living with gold accents to line the back of our bookshelf . I hope it comes out as lovely as your project did :)

  2. Very creative! It looks great in that location. We are definitely on the same page with the Gold kick :)

    Myers Maison

  3. I like quick projects and the writing in gold is perfect. A great way to look at your year's inspirational quote.

  4. I would have never thought of this! What a great way to spruce up an old mirror!


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